10 Self-Health Tests That May Just Save Your Life!

1 The world has been and is still in a flux and to keep up with the pace people would have to double up their shifts and add more to their plate. But amidst all, these troubles what is left ignored are the health issues that one might face eventually. It is only after being attacked by the vicious wrath of certain life-threatening diseases that we release that we should have been extra careful about them from an early stage. That is exactly the reason why, we have compiled certain self-help methods, which will make you release sooner about what you might be suffering from and get help almost immediately.

❖    Breast Cancer

2 Cancer, in any form can be enough intimidating, but there are ways to detect breast cancer, even before you start suffering. All you need to do is really be thorough and keep a check. Make sure you stand in front of the mirror, with your hands on the hips and shoulders straight and check for any kind of disorder, apparently appearing on your breasts. Then raise your arms and look for the same changes. Even sores, redness, swellings can be a sign. Then finally massage your breasts, commonly done when they are wet, and check for bulges, any uncommon disorder around the area. Even make sure if any sort of fluid is oozing out of the nipples, of any kind. If any of the above-mentioned symptoms seem to occur around or in your breast, it is better to get a thorough check up. The medical advice that can be given to anyone and everyone is that mammography is as important as your life is. Make sure that each year; you have had your routine mammography done so that you do not suffer from breast cancer.

❖    Depression

3 This is the most common disease, and yes we would like to call it a disease, in the world today. Each and every day people are being diagnosed with clinical depression and that is not helping anyone go anywhere. Anyway, there are few symptoms that will tell you about your depression so that you can get help. ➢    Keep a check on the constant mood swings and the regular feeling of lost. The moment there is a persistent feeling of not facing the world, the moment you wake up, you are in serious trouble. Then, generally people hate to socialize and meet people or break down too often. Being indecisive and not “feeling up to it” can also be a bit risky businesses. Basically, to say, if the constant sadness persists or irritability continues to stay in your life, make sure you consult a doctor. ▪      The medical advice is that taking medicines and going to a therapist will help you instead of suppressing it and giving it space to grow.

❖    Diabetes

4 The symptoms of diabetes have been discussed over and over and so here they are ➢    The need for constant urination, fatigue, excessive thirst, lacking in the concentration part, problems with the vision, numb hands, and feet. So, to be sure, you can get the home blood sugar testing monitors which are available in the market and do a regular blood test for yourself, to be sure. ▪      The medical advice is that if you have more than required amount of body weight then it is better to shed them off, and then make sure that the blood sugar level is pretty low and also keep check of what are being restricted.

❖    Kidney Diseases

5 When your kidney is being affected for anything, these are the following symptoms that might occur ➢    You might suffer from the loss of appetite, the sense of being fatigued, nausea and sense of vomiting and thus goes the list. Even puffy eyes and feet can be one sign.

❖    Heart Diseases

6So when you are throwing up, it’s not just because of the bad food you have eaten the previous day. Your heart might be affected, we hope not. ➢    The most common symptoms of heart disease are that the feeling of fatigue, nausea, palpitation, immense sweating, very fast beating of the heart, pain in the chest, shortness of breath. To keep these in check, you can always get a pulse check monitor and check for yourself at home if there is any trouble with your heart.

❖    Thyroid

7 Your thyroid glands can really act up at times when you don’t want it to. But how would you know? Simple, read on. ➢    Brain fog, extreme weight gain, again fatigue, hair loss to a certain degree, sweating can all be pointing towards your thyroid glands. These are the few symptoms when you have what is generally called ‘thyroid’. There is actually a brilliant yet simple way to know about your thyroid that is to check your temperature every day, for three days, with a thermometer and checking if it’s around the same normal temperature. Now, any sort of imbalance in the temperature can suggest that your thyroid gland is going awry. But there are certain measures and certain procedures, so keep a check.

❖    Alzheimers

9 To know if you ever will be affected by the cognitive decline, there are very simple routine tests that you can take with the help of the internet. ➢    Since none of us are that interested in losing our cognition we would want to be prepared and so it is important that you take certain tests from time to time that can prove the level of cognitive decline. The best part is that they are not intimidating and you can avail these questions online, for help.

❖    Appendicitis

10 To know if you have appendicitis, all you need to do is know few places of yours stomach like the McBurney’s point and pinch it. ➢    This test is actually known as a pinch-a-inch test where you would require folding the very abdominal skin over the McBurney’s point and then is elevated away from the peritoneum. The skin, while it recoils if causes immense pain in you, you might have appendicitis which needs to be treated.

❖    Chronic Insomnia

11 There are very simple methods which can help you know if you have chronic insomnia and these are, as follows. ➢    All you have to do is follow if you are having disturbed sleep. Make sure you be aware if you take more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, every single day. Are you sleepy throughout the day or feeling fatigued? If the answers to all of these are yes, then next be sure that it is happening for about 3 months at least, and then get cured.

❖    Candida Yeast infection

12 Yes, you need not be embarrassed and you can check if you are suffering from the Candida yeast infection. ➢    Itch tests make you aware of the various and the numerous times you have the urge to itch yourself. And if you keep note you will be shocked as to how many times, you are itching yourself. This can act as the stepping stone and let you know if you are suffering from Candida yeast infection. Now, that you are aware of some of the life threatening disease tests right at your home, try them out to stay safer and ensure good health!

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