5 Reasons your Period Might Be Painful

5 Reasons your Period Might Be Painful

Do you curse yourself to be a girl? Is that because of the unbearable pain every month during your period? Here are 5 reasons that you should know why you suffer from the pain during periods.

Every month a women’s body sheds the outer lining of the Womb, which is then passed through the cervix, and finally it passes through the vagina. This is certainly a cause for discomfort. While a little pain during your period is normal but when the pain becomes unbearable so much so that you have to miss your work schedules and stay at home crouching your abdomen then it is time to see a doctor. Here in the list below there are 5 reasons for period pain discussed.

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Reason For Pain During Periods Are

Higher Level of Prostaglandins in the Body 

Period pain and cramps are referred to Dysmenorrhea. Some women have higher levels of the hormone called Prostaglandin that triggers the contractions of the muscles to aid the uterus to expel the blood each month. As a result, of this contraction in the uterine muscles, you experience the cramps during your periods. More specifically the contractions of the uterine wall compress the blood vessels that line the uterus as a result of which there is lesser blood supply to the uterus; without oxygen, the body produces toxic chemicals that are the cause of the pain during periods. This is termed as Primary Dysmenorrhea, which is normal and nothing serious. It lessens with age and sometimes even stops after the delivery of a baby.

Now the other type of Dysmenorrhea is termed as the Secondary Dysmenorrhea, which is certainly a cause for concern. It happens due to the complications or disorder in the reproductive organs of a woman. This pain is severe and lasts throughout the menstrual cycle. Some of the causes are mentioned as under:                   

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This is a medical condition wherein the cells that in normal condition lines your uterus starts growing in other places of your body other than in the Uterus; It starts growing in the ovaries and fallopian tubes. As a result, when the lining sheds it causes serious cramps that become unbearable.


Pelvic Inflammatory Disease                          

When your uterus, Ovaries and fallopian get infected by bacteria, it causes inflammation in those organs resulting in the severe cramps and pain in periods. The organs become swollen and cause irritation.

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Fibroids are originally tumors that start growing in the uterus causing heavy flow during those days of your month and causes unbearable pain due to the heavy flow. These tumors are generally non-cancerous so that fear for the deadly disease can be ignored. However if you are diagnosed with fibroids you should start your medication immediately to remove the tumors.


Intrauterine Device

It is a contraceptive device normally made of plastic and copper. It is inserted in the womb to lessen the chance of conception. This sometimes is the reason behind pain in periods during the first couple of months after it is inserted in the womb.



This is yet another medical disorder responsible for Period pains. In this case, the tissues that are supposed to form the lining of the uterus under normal condition starts growing inside the muscular wall of the uterus. This causes in the heavy period along with the unbearable period cramps that compel you to shun all your daily chores and remain at home.

These above-mentioned situations cause pain in periods and also cause some other malfunctions during your period such as irregular periods, thick and obnoxious vaginal discharge and also bleeding in between your periods. If you suffer from any of the above complications, you should immediately consult your doctor.

The painful period is very common. So you don’t need to worry too much about it. Just consult the doctor. And remember, don’t curse yourself for being a woman and having these painful days. Being woman is bliss. A bliss of the Almighty. A wonderful creation of God. So enjoy every moment being a woman.

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