5 Tips For A DIY Manicure

5 Tips For A DIY Manicure

A woman looks beautifully groomed when she gets her nails perfectly done. However, it usually is a long run to book an appointment, wait for it, pay for it, not missing an appointment, and come out with smudge free nails. Uhh!! Long! But if you want to avoid all this mess, save your money and time, here are the few essential DIY manicure tips to make it work and get a perfect homemade manicure, just for a fraction of the cost!! But suppose you are in the idea that homemade manicures will look a little unprofessional. In that case, you can follow the below mentioned DIY manicure tips and make your nail job look perfectly professional!


DIY Manicure Tips

Get ready for the best DIY manicure tips:

You will certainly use a nail polish remover, so it is pretty important to finish the job clean. Since the liquid can damage your surface, make sure to cover it up with scrap paper, better not a newspaper because it can smudge, and wear an expandable t-shirt. Choose a place such as a desk or a table, again don’t sit and work near your computer, just for an instance since it will be troublesome if you face a nail polish splatter, also wear no valuable accessories.

Top DIY Manicure Tips

Now take all the necessary things to clean up and and become a beautician!

1. Remove the old Nail Polish:

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Well, it’s not a surprise since, you know, all you need to clean your nail is a cotton ball. Shred the cotton puff, take the smaller pieces, soak them in the nail polish remover and place them on each of your nails. A few moments later, swipe it away. If you wear nail polish of light colours, you can see your nails cleaned or wise if you are wearing dark colours such as plum, you may see a slight yellowish in your nails after removing the nail polish. To clean the nails completely, dip them in the mixture of warm water and soap. It will help to loosen the dirt as well as the dead skin. And there! You got your nails cleaned!!

manicure nails | DIY Manicure tips

The other important thing you need to get a good manicure is, cut your nails once you finish cleaning them. Please don’t cut it too short, and then you won’t be able to file it. A fine filing is necessary to get your nails in good shape.

2. Use Vaseline:

vaseline for manicure

Yes! Everyone can agree that it is always hard to hold captive your nails. It is not at all easy as it seems to be. We always paint over our cuticles; nowadays, everyone would like to explore rather than be encircled. But in this case, we have to follow the rules to get it done. You have to apply vaseline around your nail to avoid all this mess, only in the edges. So, any nail polish that crosses the border will rest its case to the balm, and it will save your skin!

3. Base coat:

5 DIY Manicure tips

This base coat will help your work in two good ways. The first thing is, it will prevent discolouration and nail stains. Second of all, the nail polish will go smoother on your nails. You can also use a nail hardener. And some of the products will help to moisturize and strengthen your nails. Moreover, the base coat will help the polish to last longer.

4. Use cuticle Oil:

Best DIY Manicure tips

If you plan to do manicures regularly at home, make sure you are not cutting your cuticles since that can lead to even more sensitive skin around them. Instead, push back your cuticles and apply oil rich in Vitamin E to hydrate and strengthen your nails and the skin around them.

5. Use a Top Coat:

DIY Homemade Manicure tips

You can be satisfied with the finishing you get once you apply it after you apply nail polish and let it dry. It is worth spending some money on it even though it may sound silly. It adds extra shine to your nails and prevents your nail polish from chipping since it can seal your nail polish. Viola!! There you go. Now you have completed the art of doing manicures. Save money doing this at home and stay beautiful forever and ever!!


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