7 Day Diet Chart For Diabetes

Are you worried about your increased blood sugar levels? Do you think you have lost the liberty to eat the foods that you like the most after you have been diagnosed with high blood sugar?

Don’t worry; a balanced diet and regular exercises can keep your blood sugar levels in control though not totally eradicate it.

Glycemic index- what’s that? 

Have you heard of low glycemic index foods? These are the foods that you need to include in your diet chart for diabetes.

Glycemic Index in food is referred to the capacity of that particular food as to how fast it raises the blood sugar levels. The foods that can be easily digested and can release glucose instantly so that the blood sugar level is raised quickly are those having a high Glycemic index and vice versa. For a diabetic patient diet chart for diabetes should include low glycemic index foods. Here in the list below a diabetes diet chart for 7 days given, hope this will benefit you if you earnestly follow this diabetic diet chart.

Diabetic Diet Chart For 7 Days

Day 1- Protein packed day

Morning tea- Have a cup of tea without sugar. Also, you can have 2 sugar-free biscuits.

Breakfast- You can start the breakfast with 2 boiled eggwhites, or you can have omelets with a bowl of boiled vegetables like cabbage or broccoli. You can also make a vegetable salad including tomatoes, cucumber, and green gram.

Lunch- At lunch, you can have up to 5 -6 pieces of chicken with vegetable salad or 2 slices of fish with the vegetable salad.

Evening snacks- In the afternoon, you can have a cup of tea it should be without sugar.

Dinner- At dinner, you can repeat the same menu of 5 -6 chicken pieces and vegetable salad. You can add pulses to your diabetes diet chart.

You must be wondering if it is sufficient to meet your hunger at lunch and dinner. The answer is yes. The high protein intake during the meals will reduce your cravings for carbohydrates, so you don’t feel to eat chapattis or rice during dinner or lunch. You can eat fruits like papaya and watermelon. Avoid red meat to keep your cholesterol level in control. Drink lots of water and do your exercises regularly with utmost dedication.

diet chart for diabetes

Day 2- boiled veggies

Morning Tea-Start your day with a cup of tea without sugar. Or you can have a glass of green tea which acts as excellent antioxidants. You can have a cream cracker biscuit with the tea.

Breakfast- Next make yourself a vegetable salad with different kinds of boiled vegetables in it. You can have a glass of skimmed milk after that.

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Lunch- Next at lunch, you can have a bowl of brown rice with dal and two pieces of chicken or a piece of fish. If you still feel hungry, you can eat a half of a chapatti.

Evening snacks- At snacks time again a cup of tea without sugar in it and two biscuits.

Dinner- At dinner, you can have only the boiled vegetables. Skip any kinds of carbohydrates for dinner.

 diabetes diet chart

Day 3- a small portion of rice

Morning Tea- Have a cup of green tea with oats biscuit.

Breakfast- Your diabetes diet chart may include Idli or upma for the breakfast.

Lunch- At lunch, you can have plain rice that too one bowls only, tuar dal, and a wheat flour chapati and paneer.

Evening snacks- At snacks time, as usual, a small cup of tea without sugar and two biscuits. At dinner, you can have a chapatti and two pieces of chicken or a bowl of boiled vegetables.

diabetes diet chart - meal plan

Day 4- green veggies for diabetics

Morning tea- A cup of green tea or black tea with 2 biscuits.

Breakfast- At breakfast today, you can have a loaf of brown bread and an omelet with a glass of skimmed milk.

Lunch- Today at lunch you have only boiled vegetables like cabbage or broccoli with carrots and tomatoes saucing on it.

Dinner- At dinner also, you have the same menu for today. However to meet your hunger you can have fruits like watermelon and oranges.

green veggies for diabetics

Day 5- milky day

Morning tea- Have a cup of black tea without sugar.

Breakfast- Today at breakfast you are to eat only 2 – 3 bananas and a glass of milk.

Lunch- At lunch, you can have a bowl of plain rice and dal with 2 pieces of fish or chicken. Evening snacks- Have some puffed rice with peas as your evening snacks.

Dinner- Repeat the same menu of lunch with chapatis and dal or chicken at dinner.

diabetic diet chart

Day 6

Today repeat the menu of day 4.

Day 7

Repeat the menu of day 5 today.

For the vegetarian, for having a diabetic diet, you can replace chicken and eggs with soybeans, tofu, kidney beans, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, peas, and mushroom.

Your diabetic diet chart includes drinking lots of water and doing dedicated exercises. Following this diet plan, you can keep your blood sugar level at a normal level.

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