All you need to know about creatine!

Working out is actually a very tricky business, because you never know what exactly to do to keep your body the way you desire it to be. So, you have possibly worked off the weight and now are in a state to make changes into sculpting your body structure. Grow a muscle here and there and make curves work for you or maybe you are an athlete who needs their proper regime. This is where the supplements would seem to fit in, because this gives that extra kick to your hard work and makes you look just the way you want to and creatine is one such supplement which has an extensive use in this industry. Creatine Let us first discuss what is creatine. Creatine is the kind of supplement that helps with mass gain. Now, the question that might arouse is that, previously we had mentioned about weight loss then where does creatine fit in, right? Firstly, know for a fact that fat and mass are two different things and secondly, there are numerous people who would try to hit the gym to gain on their masses and plenty who had lost too much weight and would want to get back to the right shape. Anyway, sportspeople and athletes and anybody and everybody who are health conscious knows for a fact that creatine does wonder for them. It is possibly the only body building supplement which gives the right results and makes things happen. Let us now dig in deeper and know what this supplement does for us. Body building supplementsGym or intense working out can fetch you initial results almost instantly, but soon you will find that there is a drop in the results. This happens because a) The body stops reciprocating in the same way to these exercises and b) We lack in the energy business. The lower the energy the lesser we will perform, but with the right dosage of creatine, your energy will increase almost rapidly, thus allowing and enabling your body to perform more than what it would have without the help. When involved in some high-intensity training like, weight training, or in some kind of a sport, creatine is like a blessing from God, because of the ways it can work for you. What is creatine One thing which everyone who had ever used or are still using creatine can vouch for is that, this body building supplement, as the name suggests would most certainly allow you to gain weight or mass. Although, very few times do we hear that a person would like to gain in weight, but it is a real thing. It is just that not too many people advocate this and obesity or the numbers of people suffering from obesity are much higher in this world. Anyway, not to digress from the topic at hand, the body supplement, not only increases your body weight, but it also helps with the strengthening of your muscles and muscle growth as well. There are various misconceptions relating and regarding these body building supplements, because of the rumours that are mostly doing rounds in the market. To stop them for once and for all, we have gathered enough evidence and from that stand, here are some of the concerns which are disturbing people and here are their answers. Creatine uses Kidney Effects: Creatine has been in the business for decades now and when one part of the population using this supplement would refer it, other would say that they are experiencing cramps and this is affecting their kidneys. But also because it has been the subject for such controversies, researchers have worked on this with their keen eyes and they have claimed that it is not at all harmful. The thing is although, one cannot deny that there are many who would experience cramps, but it also does not have any adverse reaction or it would have ceased to exist. Yet, to be on the safer side, it is advisable that you consume this in the right amount and not overdo the dosage. There are some who would not respond to creatine the way it is supposed to do, so do not be disappointed. Anyway, there is a specific dosage and few things that one should not do. It is better to use, not more than 3 to 5 grams of the body building supplement a day, but various studies may go as high up to 20 grams a day. children below 18 are not at all supposed to have this to enhance their working out regime because clearly it’s not the kind of thing one simply stumbles upon and indulges in. But, others may or can seriously give a thought on using this supplement. A prolonged use is not advisable. or let us just put it in this way, that make sure someone who has an extensive knowledge on the usage of this supplement, refers to you the perfect dose and the best ways to add in and plans the ways in which it will work for you.

Busting Out The Myths

When it comes to health and health supplements, separating the true from the false can be really tricky. No amount of research on web will settle this nagging thought in your brain that the facts are wrong. As a nutritionist I would like to help you determine the truth from the myth by busting out these popular creatine-related myths –
  • MYTH 1# Creatine is a Steroid – No, Creatine is NOT a steroid, in fact, it is a natural substance found in the body which primarily helps in supplying energy to the muscles
  • MYTH 2# Creatine damages the kidney – Creatine has been riding the popularity charts as a performance boosting supplement, which is why it has been extensively researched for its health risks and benefits to the human body. Studies reveal that creatine is non-toxic and safe or people with healthy kidney (renal) functions.
  • MYTH 3# Creatine causes Muscle cramps – Untrue. Studies reveal that people who use creatine while exercising experience lesser strains, muscle cramps and injuries.
  • MYTH 4# Creatine affects the liver – According to a research done by the ‘International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism’, creatine does not affect the liver even after long term usage. Creatine is an amino acid produced by the liver, pancreas and kidneys. After its synthesis by a reaction in the liver, creatine is transported to the muscles and the waste products of the reaction are excreted by the kidney.
Creatine supplement It is a supplement and hence it comes in various forms. So, there are the basic and the very normal kind of creatine supplements available in the market and then there are flavoured powdered mixtures, all of which makes the intake of creatine a much more fun thing. Choose through the plethora of choices and know your boundary. Have a good talk with experts and know when to start and where to stop with creatine and there will be nothing to worry about. All the rumours, more or less, have been addressed to in this article, but yet it is suggested that you try as much possible by your own self and after that if you keep failing, try to experience the ways creatine can or might work for you. Love your body the way it is and let the creatine do its job and in about no time you will be the reason why the people around you would want to work out and why heads will turn on the streets.

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