Bad Habits You Need To Kiss Good Bye To

bad habits

bad habits

We all are habituated to a lot of things in our life such as listening to music while driving, reading, praying, etc. While some habits that we adopt may be good, some may be bad habits. None of us are born hundred percent perfect and flawless. Are you?

All of us follow at least one bad habit with us. However, the degree to which the habit can be considered bad varies. You must keep a check on your list of bad habits if they are posing serious health problems on you. Bad habits like drinking alcohol, late night snacking, smoking, etc. will put you under serious health conditions. Hence you must choose good healthy habits to live a longer, healthier, and happier and stress free life. There are bad eating habits which need to be taken into consideration.

Today, in this article, I would like to discuss with all my dear female friends out there, about certain bad habits you must keep a check on. You all must be like, “I don’t drink, nor smoke and neither do I follow any bad habit which would damage my health.” Hold on dear, let me clarify.

You definitely must be staying healthy, looking pretty and exercising regularly, but you still may be following certain unknown habits and overcoming bad habits that may result in serious health issues.

Check it out yourself!

List of Bad Health Habits for Women

1. Do You Wear Heels Frequently?

Surprised, if this could be your bad habit?

Yes, wearing 5-inch or 4- inch heel can definitely make you stand tall, looking ultra-sexy in any skinny fits. But wearing them for extended periods, can lead to chronic health issues.

High heels affect you’re walking style and posture and leads more pressure on knees. This eventually may result in arthritis, chronic back pain and also cause painful bunions and hammer toes. Higher the heels, higher the risk of tripping and ankle sprains.

So the best way to flaunt yourself is to try different options in footwear along with heels that are equally trendy and chic. Wear 1.5 inches heel if needed and get your high heels in focus while partying or on special occasions. Yup! Just few hours will not show much effect, but if you’re walking any distance, prefer functional flatters. If you have to wear frequently, alternatively carry another pair of flats, wear heels for some time and then use flats.

Tips for feet care: After wearing heels rest your feet by soaking them in warm water.

 2. Don’t Sleep with Your Make-up On

Make up may not disturb your slumber, but it could disturb your skin pores. Leaving make up overnight is shaking hands with so many skin problems.

Coming home after a late night party and being dead tired, you may not remove your make up. But can you imagine what this will lead to? The make up debris clogs your skin pores, leaving them unable to breathe. Thereby causing acne, blackheads, white heads, eye infection and chapped lips.

So keep a bottle of makeup remover, cotton swab and cleanser next to your bed and after coming home, immediately remove your makeup. These bad habits die hard.

You love your skin, isn’t it? So better make it a good habit to remove makeup before sleeping.

3. Wearing Ill Fitted Bras

Studies say that 70% of the women wear the wrong sized bra. An ill-fitted bra can cause neck pain, back pain, breast pain and even breathing problems. A well-fitted bra does wonders to your body’s shape and also makes one feel more comfortable, confident and less irritable as well.

So go to the best lingerie store, measure your exact size or ask the sales staff, usually they are trained in helping customers to identify the right type of bra and the right bra size that fits you. It is mandatory changing bad habits.

Wear a bra that fits you well.

4. Using Heavy Handbag

Don’t get shocked. Have you ever realized how much does your handbag weighs?

A woman’s hand bag weighs minimum around 2 -3 kg. Women are notorious backpack rats, throwing everything in their favorite tote like makeup, wallet, cellphones, water bottle, cell charges, scarps, keys, snacks and whatnot! But carrying your house on your shoulder is simply putting your whole upper body at risk.

Empty your bag every week and carry only the necessary items or else switch to small bags to avoid temptation of putting all things in your hand bag. If not use backpacks with many zip pockets to distribute weight.

Carry only the important things in your bag and make sure it weighs less.

There are lot of good and bad habits. But bad habits like not sleeping, juggling too much at home (multitasking), lying about diet, emotional eating ( when they are happy or upset they tend eat more), always worrying about looks, dwelling over the past, trying to change your man like Mr. Perfect, gossiping etc. Hell, lot many things gals!

Find out if you are compromising your health everyday by including these habits. If you’re doing so, its time you break bad habits.

Which was the last bad habit you gave up? Please share us your experience on it with us in the comments below!

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