Benefits of Vitamin C – The Easy Way

vitamin C benefits

You must have heard many times about the benefits of Vitamin C and you should have a good amount of vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that is useful in various ways to your body. Because of this property, it aids in fighting oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Vitamin C benefits in wound healing, boosting immunity, aids in anti-ageing effects, and many more. So, there are not one but many benefits of vitamin CMajor source of Vitamin C is found in fruits like guava, apples, berries, lemons, grapes, oranges, etc. Have you ever tried using them? If yes, please let us know in the comments below.

Benefits of Vitamin C:

  • Vitamin C benefits in wound healing.
  • Helps in boosting immunity.
  • It aids in anti-ageing effects.
  • Guards against the negative effects of air pollutants.
  • Protects against free radical damage.

Other Important Health Benefits of Vitamin C:

  • Cure for the common cold.
  • Protection against immune system deficiencies.
  • Prevents cardiovascular disease.
  • Maintins healthy skin & wrinkling.
  • Important for eye health.
  • Prevents cancer & stroke.
  • Essential for the body to make collagen.


What Research Has To Say?

Recent studies give us one more potential reason to include vitamin C in our diet. British researchers at the Imperial College of London have found that vitamin C can also guard us against the negative effects of air pollutants such as car exhaust and power plants which is one of the main causes of concern in this highly polluted world.

Vitamin C Benefits

Pollution is causing many damages and is being the reason for many diseases in humans. Tell us your experience if you or your family have had any in this regard in the comments section below.

Also, if you want to tackle pollution then you should definitely include foods with vitamin c in your diet.

The researchers studied 209 London-based patients to determine the link between oxidative stress and air pollution produced mainly through fossil fuel combustion.

Most of the patients were between the ages of 54 and 74, and all of them were hospitalized due to asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

The researchers found that there was a 35% increased risk of hospitalization for asthma or COPD every additional exposure of 10 mcg/cubic meter of coarse particulate matter.

They also found that the risk of hospitalization was 1.2 times greater among patients with low vitamin C levels. This correlation remained true even when the elderly patients and former smokers were excluded from the analysis. So, this gives us a good reason to look for sources of vitamin C.

“The protective effect of vitamin C was still present after excluding smokers and elderly subjects, implying that the effect of this antioxidant was not explained by smoking or age,” said Dr. Cristina Canova, study co-author and research associate at the university’s Respiratory Epidemiology and Public Health Group.

But How Does Vitamin C Help In This Regard?

It is observed that free radicals contribute to various diseases like cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases like asthma and COPD.

So, because of its antioxidant property Vitamin C gives additional protection against free radical damage by neutralizing the free radicals.

This is the reason people who have enough antioxidants are more protected against air pollution than those who are deficient.

So, in order to protect yourself, even your skin and hair, it is good to consume foods rich in antioxidants or antioxidant supplements.

The benefits of vitamin C for the skin are also talked about. Some other recent studies have also found that Vitamin C is helpful to enhance fertility in both men and women.

Some foods rich in Vitamin C

Oranges for vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C include dark leafy greens (especially raw kale) and all citrus fruits. Furthermore, bell peppers, red and green hot chili peppers, fresh herbs, cauliflower, papaya, and strawberries. If this is not enough, then you should go for the best vitamin c supplement available in the market.

So, hopefully, after gaining this information you will make sure to have a diet rich in vitamin C and antioxidants for being healthy.

If you are still not able to maintain an adequate level of vitamin C and antioxidants through your diet, you always have the option of vitamin C, antioxidant supplements, and even vitamin c powder.

Please do share this information with any known to be suffering from this deficiency or illnesses.

Cheers to Healthy Living!

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