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Top 9 Special Foot Care Tips For Diabetics


In recent times, diabetes has become one of the largest harmful chronic diseases throughout the world. The main reasons for diabetes are the modern day sedentary lifestyle, genetic susceptibility, obesity and physical inactivity. Diabetes can mean double trouble for the feet. First, diabetes can lower the blood flow to the feet, depriving the feet of […]

Top 5 Delicious Dessert Recipes for Diabetics

Recipes for Diabetes

Diabetes is one such chronic disease that has been increasing at a shocking rate in the past few decades and is one of the major reasons for premature death. Presently 1 in every 3 individuals either suffers from type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes conditions and by the end of 2050, the number of people suffering […]

Home Remedies to Control Diabetes and Its prevention


Diabetes is the most prevailing health problem at the present time. Any person from any walks of life is prone to this condition. The count of diabetes patients has seen a significant rise in the recent years and continues to increase at an alarming rate.  Diabetes afflicts more than 380 million people all over the […]

Top 10 Dangerous Foods To Be Avoided By Diabetic Patients


Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease in which the patient suffers from the high level of glucose in the blood. High blood sugar level is caused either due to lack of insulin production by beta cells of the pancreas that is also known as type 1 diabetes or due to insulin resistance in […]

8 Natural Foods that Control Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes has emerged as one of the most prevalent chronic diseases around the world that leads to various other health problems such as kidney failure, nerve damage and coronary heart disease. Diabetes is a condition in which the body either fails to produce insulin or is unable to use it efficiently to control […]

What Is The Best Diet For A Diabetic To Go On?

diet for diabetes

In India diabetes is not an unknown term these days, the frequency of diabetes is rising at an alarming rate. A metabolic state wherein the blood sugar levels rise above the average count is one of the easier explanations for diabetes. However, there is the number of other implications and effects of this disease one […]

Healthy Effects of Flax Seed on Diabetes

Liquid Fill Flaxseed Oil

It is good to see that now a day’s people around the world are readily making changes in order to adapt healthy lifestyle. With so many new diseases and illnesses coming up each day it has become mandatory for all of us to make such changes to keep our self fit and healthy. Illnesses like […]

Higher Levels of Vitamin D May Help Prevent Type1 Diabetes

vitamin D

How big and terrific the disease might be, nutrition can actually make it work simpler. This is perhaps what the post you are going to dive in is going to prove. It may sound ridiculous to you, but, I know you surely will end up being glad learning this piece of information. A study published […]