DIY: Detoxification of Body, Mind and Soul With Refreshing Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice

Summers are hot and the temperature is on a constant rise. The scorching heat, sweat, etc. is extremely frustrating and you do not feel like eating much. In spite of eating less, many of us don’t seem to fit into your old clothes. What could the reason be?

The heat makes you thirsty and you tend to quench your thirst with cool drinks. Cool drinks are the main culprits behind your excess weight.  Even though you eat less, these sweet and sugary drinks, cold drinks; sodas, etc. keep adding calories to your body. Even a glass of fruit juice is filled with empty calories as it has no fiber. To resolve your problem, we bring you a refreshing surprise that will quench your thirst and keep your waistline intact. Cucumber juice will not only help you to maintain your waistline, but also detoxify your body.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification of the body is the first step for any weight loss diet. Detoxification means removal of all toxic substances that are obstructing fat loss from your body. Detoxification process is a process wherein you just need to consume fluids the whole day. Detoxification should be done twice a week for a healthy body and also to relax your mind and soul.

Cucumber Juice Recipe

Cucumber health benefits are known to all and this yummy cucumber juice not only keeps you hydrated, but also helps in natural detoxification of your body. As you go through the ingredients, you can also have a look at how each ingredient is beneficial for your health. 


1. Cucumbers – 2 

  • Helps in weight loss
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Prevents headache
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Helps control blood pressure
  • Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar

2.  Mint Leaves – 8 to 10

  • Helps in digestion
  • Smoothens your stomach lining
  • Prevents Headache
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Boost Immunity

3.  Onion – 1

  • It helps in lowering the cholesterol
  • It helps in Insomnia; it provides good night’s sleep.
  • It releases digestion juices and, therefore, it helps indigestion.
  • It can cure menstrual disorders

4. Garlic- 1

  • It helps in reducing blood pressure
  • Purifies blood
  • Helps to maintain a healthy heart
  • Helps to reduce weight

5.  A Pinch of Cinnamon Powder

  • Helps in weight loss
  • Helps in cold and cough
  • Helps in tooth decay
  • Helps in digestion.

6. Salt to Taste

7. Few drops of lemon

Method of Preparation

Step 1

Peel the cucumber

peel the cucumber

Step 2

Peel the garlic

peel the garlic

Step 3
Peel the onion

peel the onion

Step 4
Powder the cinnamon


Step 5
Wash mint leaves in water

Wash mint

Step 6
Put all the ingredients in the juicer jar of the mixer grinder and churn it.

Grind the juice

Step 7
Add salt, black salt, lemon and ice and churn it once again.

Cucumber juice


Your refreshing juice is ready to drink. Put it in a nice fancy glass and garnish it the way you wish. You could place a few mint leaves on the top to make it look appealing. Healthbenefits of cucumber juice are many, and so do try this juice and keep yourself refreshed all summer.

Note: Drink 2 glasses of this juice in a day to gain maximum benefits of cucumber juice.

If you have anything else to add on to the recipe, share us your experience in the comments below.

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