Everyday Habits that Damage your Teeth

Isn’t smile the most beautiful and powerful thing in a women’s face? The smile that can light up anything. Smile with a damaged tooth, looks no nice. But to smile without any hesitation, you need to have good teeth underlying your mouth, don’t you? You feel ashamed to speak or smile properly if your tooth is damaged. Now inside our mouth, there are a countless number of tiny bacteria. You will find some in gum while others in teeth and tongue. Not that all are harmful but some are there which causes tooth decay. The food that you eat, which have sugar is converted into acids which destroy the teeth.

Loss of Fluoride:

Fluoride protects our teeth by preventing too much of loss of minerals from our teeth. It also helps in replacing the minerals which are lost and in reducing the acid making the power of bacteria. You can have fluoride by consuming fluoridated water. You can also brush using toothpaste that contains fluoride. There are available fluoride gels and tablets which can be prescribed by the doctor too to keep your teeth healthy.

Chewing ice, pencil and anything around.

You must be wondering why this is now causing damage to your teeth is. It hasn’t even got some sugar in it and is natural too. The ice even has the power to crack your teeth given it is hard and well frozen. When you are chomping the ice, the soft underlying tissues of the teeth gets sensation and irritation which can result in a toothache. After having a hot food, if you immediately go for something cold then it can trigger pain for quite some time. So next time, don’t go for ice. Have a chewing gum instead, a sugar-free one.


Not flossing.

You feel only brushing twice a day is enough to keep the tooth okay. But no, you need to floss at least for once to keep the beautifully toothed smile intact. It helps in removing the food that remains back in the mouth between the two teeth and hence produce bacteria that harm the enamel. Be careful while doing it so that it doesn’t bleed. But once you learn to do it properly, it will strengthen your gums too.


Not using mouth guard while playing sports.

You don’t want the two teeth of yours in the middle to be broken or lost, right? So, why not protect your teeth before playing any contact sports like football or hockey? It is a molded plastic that fits in the mouth and protects the teeth in the upper jaw. You can get it from some store or from the dentist who has prescribed you. Don’t let your teeth be chipped or at times knocked out either.


Not brushing teeth immediately after having food.

After you have just finished eating, the acids are formed. Brushing immediately afterwards doesn’t clean off the acid but drives it inside your tooth enamel which harms your teeth even more. The correct procedure is after you are done with the food, go for rinsing your mouth nicely. If you have foods that have acids, or you are consuming beverages, do it even better. Then, wait for half an hour and brush your teeth to get rid of the acid.


Giving bottles while the baby is sleeping.

You need to protect his teeth from early childhood itself. Don’t feed him anything liquid like juice or milk while he is sleeping. He will fall asleep with the bottle in his mouth and overnight there will lot of acids that will be formed.

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Tongue piercings.

Trends can at times be dangerous for your teeth too. If you by chance happen to bite it, it may break a side of your teeth. If the metal keeps on rubbing the gum, it will damage it, and you can lose your tooth. The bacteria in the mouth also hold a chance to cause infection due to such piercings.

tongue piercing

Using the same toothbrush over years.

You need to change your toothbrush. As your toothbrush grows old, its efficiency decreases. They now can contain some bacteria that can harm your teeth. So, after every three months or so, get a new toothbrush. The bristles even get harder after using it too often. That can itself damage your enamel and the gums. You need to use a soft one and gently move it in circular motions. Don’t go for rectilinear motions as they will make your tooth more sensitive by exposing the roots.


Using too much toothpaste.

Excessive bleaching increases the sensitivity of the tooth and also makes it excess white. Don’t use toothpaste always or bleaching products.

Grinding the teeth.

That can cause wear and tear the tooth. Don’t take too much stress, because it causes so. Sometimes, too much sleeping also causes this. It is very hard to give up with this habit. So, wear a mouth guard while you are sleeping at night.

Cough drops.

They have loads of sugar with them. So after you have lozenge, please don’t forget to brush your teeth. They react with the coating of your teeth which is a sticky plaque. Now this is converted into acid by the bacteria and welcomes the cavity.


If you feel you can have cold drinks because chocolates harm your teeth, we have a bad news again. Soda has almost 11 teaspoons of sugar. They have also got phosphoric acids and at times citric acids in them. So, don’t forget to wash your mouth after you have a cold drinks or soda.


Don’t open stuff with your teeth as they can chip or even crack. And don’t go on eating always as they keep on adding acids. After you have a solid meal, just wash your mouth and have healthy teeth.

Now you can go for tooth scraping which includes brushing and flossing. These are deep cleaning treatments. At times, they have to move the teeth and gums away so that your teeth are not scraped. They make a few incisions in the gum line of yours and then stitch it out. They work too well to save your tooth from decay. Go to the dentist at times for checkup and keep smiling!

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