How To Gain Weight Naturally For Men

Do you have a high metabolism rate? No matter what you eat, you are still unable to put on weight? If the answers to all these questions are in the affirmative then you need to change what you are eating and exercise as well so that you gain the desired weight. Today we will be discussing ways which will tell you How to gain weight naturally for men. Read on to know more:

Part 1: Eating to Gain Weight

How to gain weight

Don’t restrict yourself to 3 meals every day

Since you have a high metabolism rate, your body burns the calories faster. Hence, having 3 meals a day is not sufficient for you. You need to eat more so that it gets stored in the body and is not used immediately. Don’t wait to feel hungry, eat at regular intervals. Make a Weight gain diet chart and start eating 5 times a day. Eating so much can take up a lot of your time, so decide on the time gap and go on eating. Concentrate on those food items that will fill your stomach like bananas, granola bar, or even peanut butter. Weight gain diet

Concentrate on calorie rich food

Include calorie rich item every time you eat if you wish to gain weight. Don’t restrict yourself to regular food items when you are having food. Instead opt for restaurant sized portions of meat, calories and carbohydrates, every 5 times you are eating. Initially, you might not be comfortable with this size of eating but gradually you will develop the habit. Following are some ideas.
  • For breakfast, eat 3 omelets, 2 slices of bacon or 3 to 4 sausages, big cup of roasted potatoes and a glass of orange juice.
  • For lunch, eat whole wheat bread or turkey club sandwich in addition to 2 bananas and a mayonnaise loaded salad.
  • And finally end the day with your dinner comprising of grilled steak, 1 cups of baked potato and one of the veggies that has been grilled.
Calorie rich food

Whole foods loaded with nutrients should be your first preference

If you wish to know How to gain weight naturally then opt for those food items that are rich in nutrients and are nourishing to the core. Having sodas or cheesy pizzas will help you gain weight easily but they are not nourishing nor do they have any nutrients in them that are useful. You will end up with fat and no muscle and in the long run you will become obese. So think wise and act accordingly. You can try out the following:
  • Opt for those food items that are unprocessed. Like oatmeal rather than instant noodles. Try out fresh chicken rather than processed meat.
  • Cook fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cook them from scratch rather than using for chilled food, canned items or leftover food that are high on unsaturated fatty acids and so on.
How to gain weight naturally

Opt for protein, fats and carbohydrate rich foods

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are must if you wish to gain weight. Try to include them in all the 5 meals that you are having throughout the day rather than concentrating on a single meal. Following are some choices in each of the categories:
  • Proteins: eggs, salmon, tuna, pork chops, chicken breasts/thighs
  • Fats: olive oil, grape seed oil; avocados, walnuts, almonds, and flaxseeds.
  • Carbohydrates: lentils; brown rice, whole grain bread/pasta
Weight gain tip

Drinking plenty of water on a regular basis

Did you know that water helps to process proteins and calories? Now that you are having protein and calorie rich food items, it is important that you opt for enough water to stay hydrated. Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. Inlife_Ad_336-x-280

Part 2: Building Muscle Mass

Building Muscle Mass

Concentrate on weight training

Visit any gym and tell the instructor that you wish to gain weight. The first thing they will say is to opt for weight training. This exercise is aimed at making your muscles larger and stronger. If you are not comfortable visiting the gym then buy the equipment and start practicing at home. Pushups and resistance exercises are a great way to gain weight naturally. Start exercising several times a day. Following are the equipments that you can invest in:
  • barbell
  • set of weights
Weight gain for men

Target different muscle groups

Your body is made up of different parts and each part needs different types of exercises in order to bulk up. Concentrate on your arms, back, chest, abdomen, and legs. Instead working out on all the body parts on the same day, work out the different parts on different days. Following are certain ideas:
  • Plan out the different exercises for the entire week so that you can target all the body parts throughout the week. This way, you will gain muscles throughout the body in an even format.
  • It is better to exercise under the supervision of a trainer.
Gain weight without injuring your internal muscles

Avoid getting injured while practicing your exercise

Ask your trainer which exercises to go for and which equipments in order to gain weight without injuring your internal muscles. Following are certain guidelines that you need to follow:
  • Opt for complex exercises that engage all your body parts rather than a specific area. Bench presses, squats, deadlifts, chin ups, and dips are some of the exercises recommended.
  • Don’t exert yourself too much. Begin with small goals and then increase them with the passage of time.
  • When exercising give time between 2 sets. Stick to a minimum of 1 minute or less break.
Protein shake to gain weight

After every workout has your protein shake

According to a research undertaken by the University of Birmingham, energy shakes help improve your stamina. Have a banana or dried fruits as they are the rich source of energy. Ask your trainer if you need to have the protein shake or not. Adequate rest helps to gain weight

Rest is recommended

When you are looking for How to increase weight options, don’t forget that your body needs adequate rest as well. Minimum 8 hours of sleep is mandatory otherwise you will not get all the benefits of your exercise regime. And give 48 hours of gap before you target the same area of the body to gain muscle.

Part 3: Knowing What to Avoid

How to increase weight

Don’t follow a particular routine

If you wish to see results and gain adequate weight then don’t get stuck in a rut. Change your set of exercises weekly or twice a month in order to pep up the process. Cardio exercises

Limit your cardio sessions

Don’t overdo your cardio exercises. If you go for swimming or running every day, you are actually over utilizing your saved up energy. Rather use it for muscle growth. Knowing How to gain weight for men is extremely vital. If you know the tricks then you can expect to see the results within a certain period of time. How to gain weight for men

Don’t live a sedentary life

One of the quick ways to gain weight is to eat as much as you can without doing any kind of activity. But there is a problem with this. You will get fat from all the sides and your body will lose its shape and you will appear quite awkward and bloated. Hence move around a bit, exercise to give your body the desired shape. Gaining weight naturally

Are you gaining weight too fast or piling on muscles very quickly?

If you think that you are gaining too much weight too soon and feel tired and stressed all the time then it is not natural. If your body is giving you indications then listen to it. You can do the following things:
  • Talk to your trainer; tell him how you are feeling. He is the best person to guide and assist you.
  • Talk to your doctor and find out if there are any supplements that you need to incorporate as part of your daily diet.
Once you follow this 3 Part formula you will be able to gain weight in a systematic and natural way. You don’t have to worry about How to increase weight anymore. Multivitamin-&-Minerals_728x90 (3)

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  1. Phil Slater says:

    Hi Mukta,

    Thank you for sharing this informative article. Going natural is the way to go! There are a lot of supplements which promise a fast weight gain in the market nowadays and people are biting them easily. They’re effective but will not be worth it in the long run, not to mention that others have side effects. By eating real food, not only you’ll be gaining weight in a safe way, but your body will also thank you for that.

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