Low Potassium Diet Plan for Kidney Patients

diet plan for kidney patient

Is anyone from your family having kidney-related issues? Then, first of all, you should look at the diet plan for kidney patients apart from the medication for the patient to reduce the Kidney problems. Kidney diseases are directly related to potassium, same as the protein. Therefore, a patient must have maintained a low potassium foods diet for any type of severe kidney issues. Here in this article, a low-potassium diet for kidney diseases related to all the details is described, followed correctly.

Why Low-Potassium diet plan for kidney patients

Most of the food items contain a good amount of potassium. Our kidneys can remove the excess amount of potassium through urine and balance the amount of potassium into the bloodstream. The disease affected kidneys cannot perform well when it comes to reducing the excess potassium, which is why a kidney disease patient must contain a low amount of potassium.

Food Items Contain Low-Potassium

Some vegetables and fruits contain a low amount of potassium in the daily diet chart of a patient suffering from any kidney patient. Therefore, food items that contain less than 100mg potassium are preferred as low-potassium foods.

Check out properly as the food items are described below, which are a must in a patient who has severe Kidney problems.

Vegetables and fruits like cranberry, tomato, apple, lemon, chilli, radish, Brussels sprouts, blueberry, and sugarcane are excellent sources of low potassium. Ripe olives, red onion, pear, lettuce, and mushroom are also there in the diet.

Cranberries - diet plan for kidney patient

White long regular rice is another good source of low potassium in the patient’s daily diet. In addition, puffed rice, bagel, macaroni, cake, pizzas and spaghetti should be in the breakfast. Sunflower oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, canola oil and peanut oil are having low potassium.

canola-seeds diet plan for kidney patient

Among all the different types of cheese for a kidney suffering patient, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, and Swiss cheese are perfect for eating daily during breakfast. Early in the morning or at night, a patient must drink a glass full of whole milk. Coffees which are brewed directly from grounds are perfect for a kidney patient. If you do not like coffee, then you can switch to teas that are black brewed or chamomile brewed.

Spices you can also add to the diet of a patient. For example, some spices like dried parsley, chilli powder, black pepper and curry powder contain a good amount of low potassium.

coconut oil capsules

How to Minimize Potassium Level from Vegetables

Some food items, especially vegetables and fruits, contain a high amount of potassium on the skin. Here the tips on how you make them low-potassium food items for reducing Kidney problems.

Vegetables like potatoes, beets and carrots should be peeled off well as the skin of these vegetables contains a considerable amount of potassium. We should cut the peel of vegetables into fine slices before cooking.

diet plan for kidney patient

The vegetables must be rinsed well with lukewarm water.

Steep the vegetables overnight into water or at least two hours before cooking. Take ten parts high amount of unsalted water for one part of vegetables. Try to change the water after every four to five hours by draining the existing water.

After doing these procedures as mentioned above, again rinse all the vegetables with hot water.

Now you can cook these homemade low-potassium vegetables by applying unsalted water.

The appropriate Low-Potassium Diet plan for kidney patients

A proper low-potassium diet can only reduce the excessive amount of potassium from your bloodstream, and the process is essential for kidney diseases. Below the diet chart as per daily basis is mentioned with some recipe names. These recipes are having a low amount of potassium which you can add to your diet. The food items are easy to cook and easy to digest too. Check below as the diet chart is defined here:

Early Morning Breakfast Diet

Morning low potassium foods

Start your day by drinking a glass full of whole milk with cookies. Before having these, you can go for a cup of black tea which is very effective for multiple Kidney problems. Easy to make an omelette and baked cheese and macaroni is a good option for kidney disease suffering people. Enjoy apple-filled crepes in the breakfast. You can have a banana –apple smoothie for breakfast.

Mid-Morning Snacks Diet

low potassium foods for breakfast

You can have apple bran muffins along with apple cherry chutney in the mid-morning breakfast. Asian pear torte and crisp are an excellent option for a mid-morning snack which you can have near about 10-11.30 am. Eat beef jerky as a mid-morning snack along with baked potato soup.


low potassium foods for kidney patients

At the lunch hour, you can eat some salads which contain low-potassium food items. For example, eat coleslaw with a kick, blasted brussels sprouts, berry wild rice salad, beet salad for fall or apple rice salad for lunch. You can add Alfredo sauce, apple and cherry chutney, basil oil or caramel custard to your lunch items. If you want to eat a bit heavy lunch, go for the chicken in orange salad sandwich, chicken lasagna with white sauce, chicken with cornbread stuffing or crab cakes with lime ginger sauce.

Evening Snacks

low potassium foods - Green tea

Coffee or tea you can drink in the evening along with multiple snacks like microwaved popcorn, plain white corn or tortilla chips. You can eat a bowl full of puffed rice and peeled raw cucumber as evening snacks that all contain low potassium. If you like fruits, then go for a berry smoothie. Add creamy strawberry snacks to your evening diet too.


low potassium foods - Grilled chicken

Dinner should always be finished by 8.30-9 pm if the patient is suffering due to chronic kidney disease. The dinner must be light where low-potassium food items present in a moderate amount. For example, eat broccoli chicken casserole, burritos, chicken and dumplings, light chicken seafood gumbo or confetti chicken rice at dinner. You can also have cornbread muffins, chocolate-orange raisin cookies, chocolate chip bars or chocolate mocha cheesecake as a dessert after dinner.

So, reduce the severity of Kidney problems by following the diet as mentioned above with these food items. Enjoy all the foods without getting concerned about your kidneys. All the items are enough to keep your kidneys healthy and active for a long while.

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  1. nirmal chandra jena says:

    Doctor Madam, Namaste. You are very kind to help CKD patient. I am from Bhubaneswar (Odisha) I eat general food like Wheat Roti, Rice, Flattened rice (Chuda) Cooked pulse(Dal)
    water (Dal Pani) vegetables, 2 pcs almond, walnut, peanut, dates, small carrot, apple
    Fat free milk grounded in Breakfast. I understand sodium, potasium, phosphorus should
    be consumed in low. I do not know whether the food now taken by me are low content
    Kindly, educate me by providing me a list of food etc to be taken. Madam please.

  2. Kishan says:

    My mother is suffering from CKD.
    And i am totally confussed for her diet.
    Will you please provide me the proper diet chart.


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