Methods to Reduce Onychorrhexis or Brittle Nails

Onychorrhexis is commonly known as brittle nails. It is a breakage symptom at the toe or finger nails. It is a very much painful and frustrating problem to handle. You cannot reduce the problem by buffing, polishing or moisturize your nails.

Reason of Brittle Nails


Brittle nails are meaning that something is going wrong with your system, or your nails are affected by some reaction of any chemical. There are some reasons for nail breakage or brittle nails.

Using Too Much Chemicals

If your hands get a direct contact with tremendous powerful water or detergent or any hard chemicals, it can cause the brittle nails. Brittle nails can be occurring due to rough usage stubborn solvents like strong nail polish remover too.

Low Thyroid

Sometimes brittle nails are a profound sign of a very serious sickness. Low thyroid or the hypothyroidism is the most common issue, which causes brittle nails. In the condition of hypothyroidism, your body will be unable to produce the necessary amount of thyroid hormone. People, who have an under-active production of the thyroid, find nail ridges, pliable nail beds, and also find an absence of whiteness is the area of nail base.

Intolerance Of Gluten

This problem is estimated in every one people among hundred. Gluten intolerance occurs when the autoimmune system of the body responds to the proteins, which are found in the cereals like barley, rye, wheat, and oats. A person, who has a severe gluten disorder, may face the problem of brain fog, chronic gastrointestinal suffering, muscle pain, nutritional deficiency, weakness and it causes the brittle nails too.

Computer Work

Man working at a computer

If you have a computer-based job and tap the keys repeatedly, you may face the problem. Regular and rough use of nail is the major reason of brittle nails. If your life and work style need more and more use of nails, you may suffer from the problem.

Deficiencies Of Iron And Vitamin

Taking too much low proportion of foods and deprived soil quality has a significant result of epidemic nutritional deficiencies. Lack of iron and necessary minerals is a key reason of brittle or breaking nails, odd nail ridging, and a bluish color nail bed sometimes. Lack of vitamin B, C, D, and D is another reason of brittle nails.

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Protein Intake Adequate

Your nails are made with Keratin, which is a fibrous protein. If you do not consume enough amount of protein as per your need, you will suffer from fatigue, hair loss and also from brittle nails. So it is very much important to take the right proportion of protein, as per your height, weight, and age.

PH Level Control

To run your body system at the condition of its best, PH level in your body need to keep on at an alkaline range. Diets, which are enriched with Carbohydrate, sugar, grains iron and as well as with high quantity of vitamins is very important to maintain the PH balance in your body. Low Ph Acid balance is the reason of brittle nails.

Dehydration of the Body

If you do not drink enough amount of water per day you feel extreme thrust, dry mouth, appetite loss, dark urine, etc. and your body get dehydrated. It is another reason of brittle nails.

Using Too Many Nails’ Polish


Using too much low quality and strong chemical nails’ polish is the very profound reason of brittle nails. These types of nails’ polishes have very much harmful chemical, which may soften your nails. Five major remedies to reduce brittle nails are described below:

Remedies to Avoid Brittle Nails

There are very much effective herbs to avoid the brittle nails problems. These are following:


Keratin and collagen are too good for getting a good and healthy nail. MSM provides the sulphur that is needed to produce keratin and collagen. It may create pressure in your nail cells and removes all the toxins and the excess fluids. It may produce a smoother skin and stronger nails and also removes the brittle nails. You can apply MSM powder or lotion in your nails to get the desired result.

Horsetail Grass


Brittle nails are the reason of less silica in your nails. Horsetail Grass is high in silica and very effective to fix the issue. Take 2 teaspoons of horsetail grass in water and boil it. Let it steep for 10 mins, Then soak your nails in it. You will get the desired result within few uses.

Nettle Leaf


Stinging nettle leaf is much enriched with silica and antioxidants. So it is very good for nails too. Take 2 teaspoons of dried nettle leaf and put 1 cup of hot water in it. Keep it for 5 minutes and strain. Soak your hands, especially your nails in it and enjoy good nails.

FO-TI root

It is a very effective herb to produce a healthier glowing skin and shinier hair. It is also very effective on brittle nails. This herb is specially used for anti-aging treatment. It is a herb that can be used in a same way like nettle leaf and horsetail grass.


Biotin is the dietary product to control the brittle nails and fabricate a beautiful skin. You can eat loads of eggs, almonds, nuts, whole grains, meat, and milk to get remedy from the problem of brittle nails. Biotin can be used as a dietary supplement for curing brittle nails. Approx 30-100 mcg biotin is required for getting healthy nails and body.


PABA is Para amino benzoic acid, which contains Vitamin B complex. It is very effective to fix the breakage nails problem. PABA is found in good amount in spinach, mushroom, whole grains, molasses and liver.

Betaine HCL

It is a natural digestive product, which is very much effective to improve the nutrient process of your body.

Natural Oils

  • Natural oils are very effective to fix the problem of brittle nails. Coconut oil is very much enriched with anti-Oxidants, which is very much effective to free the radicals and save the nails.
  • Organ oil with a lemon juice is also a good remedy for brittle nails. It will provide stronger nails. You may add the recipe as a major part of your manicure to get beautiful nails.
  • Vitamin E oil is another awesome ingredient for a stronger

Proper Diet


To avoid the problem of brittle nails, proper and healthy diet is very important. Add the good amount of Fruits, vegetables and nuts in your diet. The fresh, natural food item is always very helpful to provide a healthier stomach and problem free skin and also very helpful to reduce brittle nails. These foods are very much enriched with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and protein too.

Avoid Junk Foods and Alcohol


To avoid brittle nails, avoid junk food habits. Spicy, junk foods are very much unhealthy and are the reason of many serious diseases. So to reduce brittle nails avoid junk food and also quit the smoking and drinking habit. For a healthy nail, switch to a healthy lifestyle.

Water Intake


Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration of your body. Water is very much effective for getting a healthier skin and body.

Brittle nails are a very problematic issue, but if you follow some easiest lifestyle regime, you can easily avoid the problem.

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