Sexual Health And Diabetes – Things You Should Know

Sexual Health And Diabetes - Things You Should Know

Sexual Health And Diabetes

What is going on with your diabetes? Do you know that it can have a huge impact on how you feel between the sheets and not in a good way? The medical conditions like diabetes can cause your sexual health and life to take a plunge. As a diabetic, you will have multiple obstacles for achieving a satisfying sex life that the rest of the people don’t have. But the good news is that once you understand how can you deal with the symptoms that might be putting a damper on your sex life, then you will be able to boost your sexual satisfaction big time.

What Are All The Issues Caused By Diabetes?

In Men:

ED – Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction Also known as ‘impotence’ is a commoner in diabetic men than the rest of the population. This is probably due to the deterioration of the vessels (ie tubes) that supply blood to the penis, occurs more rapidly than normal in men who have diabetes.

RE – Retrograde Ejaculation:

Retrograde Ejaculation Additionally, diabetic men are more liable than men without diabetes in order to develop the retrograde ejaculation. This is a phenomenon where the seminal fluid inclines to shoot backward into the bladder in the end. And this is subsequently passed out in your urine. But this condition is not common.


Balanoposthitis Inflammation of the head of the penis as well as the foreskin. Sometimes it occurs in diabetics due to their sugar-containing urine encourages the growth of fungal in this area.

What Are The Treatments?

1. If ED is due to diabetes, it will respond well to one of the ‘PDE-5 inhibitor’ groups of drugs, like
  • Sildenafil
  • Vardenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • The more recent avanafil
Other possible treatments – vacuum suction pumps & rings and alprostadil pellets dropped into the urinary pipe. 2. RE is difficult to treat. Here your best move is to consult a urological surgeon. If RE is causing fertility problems, then it is possible to extract the man’s sperm from his urine & inseminate it into his partner. 3. Balanoposthitis responds well to anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal creams.

In Women:

Dry Vagina:

This condition can make the arousal difficult as well as the intercourse uncomfortable.

Recurrent Thrush:

Recurrent thrush The Vaginal thrush which is also known as yeast or candida is widespread among the sexually active women. It is probably commoner in diabetics as this little fungus thrives on sugar.

Orgasmic Difficulties Or Lack Of Desire:

Orgasmic difficulties or lack of desire: It is often claimed that women who have diabetes are more likely to have the arousal problems as well as the lack of desire. In fact, it is really difficult to find the convincing statistics that back this situation up. A recent Belgian study has found that while 15 % of non-diabetic women have reported sexual dysfunction, along with the 27 % of diabetic women. But here the difference seems to have been hugely due to the vaginal dryness in the diabetic patients.

What Are The Treatments?

  • These days, the vaginal dryness can readily be countered by using one of the excellent vaginal lubricants that are available. The increased foreplay and romancing will also help you to be sexually active.
  • Sometimes Viagra is prescribed in order to try to assist diabetic women to secrete more fluid. But this is done very rarely.
  • Usually, thrush responds quite well to the antifungal agents such as Diflucan or Canesten, though often it is advisable to treat the woman’s sex partner as well.
Please bear in mind that many sex issues that arise in diabetic men and women are most probably nothing to do with their diabetes. For instance, at times they may be due to complex psychological factors or relationship difficulties.

Tips For Men And Women To Improve Their Sexual Health:

Tips for Men and Women To Improve Their Sexual Health
  • Pay attention to your pH
  • Eat to get in the mood
  • Control your glucose levels
  • Get moving – Exercise every day
  • Learn to love your body
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Get some sleep
  • Don’t have sex better than stellar sex
  • Reduce stress and depression
  • Find a sexpert
To conclude, consider making some lifestyle changes. Such as managing your diabetes well, exercising regularly, including eating healthfully, and reducing stress. These things will not only benefit your entire body but also will improve your sexual health. It is very likely said that a good sex life leads to better health and better health leads to good sex!

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    Hi Madam, I am Naresh from Kakinada, AP. I have a doubt to clarify you. While performing sex even more than 20-25 min also not out the sperm and also out very little portion. Why I do not know? I have no health issues like BP, Diabetics etc. All other factors are very healthiest like mood sense, performance, stamina etc. But my girlfriend very much angry about this, since any person not take this much of time.
    How to reduce the sperm out time and d enjoy the life very happi;y

    Please tell me the remedy enable me to follow your instructions.

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