Sucralose A Friend or Foe?


Do you use Sucralose in your food items to make them sweet? Sucralose or Splenda is still in a debate for its advantages, as well as for the disadvantages. This absolute zero calories based artificial sweetener is one of the most popular artificial product used mainly sweet food items but still there is multiple questions occur which all are related to its nutritional benefits on human health. If you are using the substance in your food items, then know whether it is good or bad for adding continuously. If you are still not familiar with the Splenda, then get the idea of Sucralose from this article.

Know About Splenda or Sucralose


Splenda is the sweetener product containing a huge amount of Sucralose. For making Splenda, Sucralose goes under multiple chemical processes. In these chemical steps, the entire chlorine atoms of Sucralose get changed by the three hydrogen and oxygen groups. Splenda is generally used in confectionery industries to make or bake sweet food items.

How Sucralose Works On Gut

Sucralose Splenda

Before using in your daily food items, you suppose to check the nutritional benefits of Splenda properly. The human beings gut contains multiple types of positive bacteria which help in digestion. Splenda if you consume daily then it creates a negative impact on your gut wall and causes harm. Research on rats shows that twelve weeks continue consumption lowers a number of positive anaerobes by 47 to 80% in rats. Due to the huge amount of it, the harmful bacteria get less affected whereas the positive, beneficial bacteria such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria significantly get reduced.

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Affects Insulin or Blood Sugar

Sucralose generally does not create any health issue related to blood sugar or insulin level, yet sometimes it becomes severe in some special cases. As per a study on seventeen seriously obsess people it showed that the level of blood sugar increases by 14% and the level of insulin increases by 20%. The people reported that they did not consume Splenda on a regular basis. The entire severity of Splenda depends on upon every person’s health condition individually.

Baking With Sucralose: Safe or Not


Continuous baking by using Splenda is not good enough. The nutritional benefits of food items get reduced if Splenda is used in making them. Splenda or Sucralose is generally heat –resistant and that is why it is used for making or baking confectionery food items such as cookies, bread, cakes or pastries. In a study, it is proved that it interacts with glycerol after breaking down due to intensive heat and produce a new harmful substance which is known as chloropropanols. This artificial substance enhances the chances of cancer in human body.

Consume Sucralose or Splenda: Lose or Gain Weight


 Sucralose or Splenda has no sugar content, and that is why it works as a zero-calorie sweetener. Although all the nutritional benefits of Splenda or Sucralose yet not clear but it is absolutely proved that the sweetener substance is a good product for reducing weight. The effect on the weight loss though always does not work on every individual who consumes Sucralose daily for a long while but sometimes it works interestingly. In a study, it is proved that Sucralose or Splenda helps in reducing 1.7lbs or 0.8 kg on an average.

Is it Safe Enough?

Till date the controversy about its good or bad effect is not solved properly. Some demand that it is not a harmful substance whereas some reports and studies show their results where it is shown that it is highly harmful in some cases. It also creates a negative impact on metabolism. The long-term result of the Sucralose is though not clear yet but FDA considered the sweetener substance as a safe product.

Avoid Sucralose or Not

If your body permits and resists the harmful influences of Sucralose then you can easily go for the product. If you need to make your foods tastier yet not want to add sugar in it then it would be the absolute substitute but never choose Sucralose for high-heat baking or cooking.

Thus, the nutritional benefits along with harmful effects of Sucralose or Splenda are now clear to you. Use the product wisely in your food items. Enjoy your foods by making them worthwhile for your health.But you should not use anything in excess and you should not consume more then 10 gm of the same per day.

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