Supplements Every Guy Needs To Take Everyday

Are you trying to eat healthy but giving in to the temptations of pizzas and beer? Are you feeling inactive and sleepy throughout the day? If both the answers to the above questions is yes, then you are in need of supplements!

It is okay to splurge once in a while and give it to temptations like fast food. But of you are in the habit of eating fast food on a daily basis then you are not supplying your body with the required amount of nutrients. But to be honest, it is not always possible to take 6 to 9 portions of fruits and veggies on a daily basis as that is the prescribed amount required to supply your body with the required nutrition needs. Due to the lack of proper nutrients in your body, you might feel drowsy and tired throughout the day. The best way to curb this is by taking supplements. Supplements will not help you rectify bad eating habits. Rather it will help you to have a healthier diet.

The types of supplements you need are based on your daily activity plan or the age you are at. So here are some of the best supplements for men.

Fish Oil

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get proper quantity of omega 3 fat. It is necessary for keeping the bad cholesterol in control. Even if you are not a fish eater, you can get fish oil supplements for the purpose.



Multivitamin supplements are mainly for people who are not able to eat proper meals. Lack of vitamins in diet often causes weakness, loss of concentration, and also some other health issues. If you fall into this category of people who are not able to eat regular meals, you should surely get multivitamin supplements. Though it will not, of course, replace the balanced diet that you should eat, can act as a support in the absence of your proper diet.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary for bone health and strength. Very hard working men often get situations like leg pain and sprains. Having vitamin D supplements can help in maintaining proper bone and muscle conditions.

Protein Powder

Protein is necessary for energy and growth. Protein powders are an amazing way of including protein in your diet. It comes in various flavors and hence you can make a shake of it and drink it if you do not have time to eat proper meals. Also often protein powders are recommended for men who wish to lose weight and get toned muscles.


There are many times, when men due to their work pressure ignore health issues. These can lead to bigger health problems later on. Intake of probiotics supplement is a healthy habit that increases your immunity and helps in keeping you away from diseases.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is taken for its antioxidant properties that are mainly needed for high connectivity of the tissues. 100 mg of vitamin C supplement each day is a good idea for keeping you away from any kind of heart or body tissue problems.

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Vitamin E

Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is also required for preventing heart diseases and keeping up with the general maintenance of the body. It keeps you away from issues like Parkinson’s disease, flu, and allergies. Doctors can be consulted whether a person should take supplements of vitamin C or Vitamin E along with the regular daily diet.

Coenzyme Q10

Body cells use Coenzyme Q10 to produce triphosphate that is known as the energy of the body. Heart and brain tissues need high levels of energy to work. CoQ10 also is required by the body to keep blood pressure under control, keep chronic pains under control, reduce the chances of Parkinson’s disease, and improve cardiac health. Thus, including a supplement of Coenzyme Q10 can help you in maintaining a good health.



As per the Chinese medicine, Ginseng is very useful in increasing mental as well as the physical strength of the elder people. But these days, due to hectic lifestyle of men, ginseng supplements are also prescribed to younger men. It helps in reducing mental fatigue, improving metabolism and also fighting against sexual difficulties.

Green Tea

This can be taken in the form of tea or also in the form of a supplement. Green tea is mainly known to reduce the chances of cancer in any human being. But taking supplements of green tea regularly can also reduce the chances of other problems such as cholesterol, blood pressure, influenza, gas and many others. This is all due to the antioxidant properties of the green tea.

green tea


Carotenoids are responsible for the red, orange or yellow color in fruits and vegetables like carrot, tomatoes, watermelon and many others. These fruits and vegetables provide a very important nutrient called lycopene. The antioxidant property in the nutrient helps in fighting situations that can lead to prostate cancer and high blood pressure. Getting a supplement of 6.5 mg lycopene can be a good idea for men to avoid such issues. Of course, eating fruits and vegetables naturally is always healthy in this case.

Saw palmetto

It is quite often that men crossing the age of 50 years get problems of an enlarged prostate. This leads to the high amount of urination especially at nights that can be highly irritating at times. A remedy to such issue can be the intake of Saw Palmetto in the diet. Supplements of this nutrient should be taken as a man arrives at the age of 40 so that he does not have to face problems of enlarged prostate or even prostate cancer.

Men and women are different not only in body structure but also internally. Hence, the need of the body is also different. Depending upon the diet that a person takes and the lifestyle that a person lives in, it is important to take in proper supplements. These supplements will help to make sure that you can fight any health issues that crop up. It supplies you with all the different nutrient requirements of your body.

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2 thoughts on “Supplements Every Guy Needs To Take Everyday

  1. Raj Gupta says:

    For ” supplements every guy needs to take everyday” you have listed more than half a dozen various items. Is there a supplementary pill or tablet which can provide all these requirements?

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Raj when we talk about food we have 5 food groups and each one gives us some of the similar benefits but they also have some special benefit in them.Like Carbohydrates gives us energy, protein rich foods give us protein , fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals and hence we cant say that we will eat only one food to get all the benefits, similary above so mahy things are brought to your notice which are important to solve maximum problems guys need. You can choose couple of them or go with a Multivitamin and mineral if you are not having any health issues and just want to keep yourself healthy and fit.

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