Effective Remedies To Get Only The Best Of The Summer Sun!


Hurray! The summer has begun and so have the holidays!

You can flaunt all your cool summer dresses, shorts, skirts, flip flops, hats, glares and what not. All the exotic holiday destinations, the beaches, hill stations, cool, refreshing juices, coconut water, dips in the swimming pool, enjoying the delicious king of fruits- mango, evening walks are all very inviting and exciting.

Wait a minute.. Hold on, but what about the scorching sun and the heat?

No matter how much ever you love the summer season for all its reasons, you just can’t stay away from being exposed to the scorching sun.

Fifteen minutes of exposure to the sun will definitely fetch you the essential vitamin D, but any longer than that, the dazzling sun rays will land you up in problems like sunburn, dehydration, and eventually sunstroke!

Long exposure to the sun at high temperatures can even have fatal effects too, at times. This is more prevalent in tropical and subtropical climates where, in the summers, the temperatures soar too high for you to bear.

Now, let’s just frame an idea as to what sunstroke is and how sun stroke symptoms can affect your health.

What Is Sunstroke?

Sunstroke or heat stroke is a condition, wherein your body fails to regulate the temperature. This occurs as a result of prolonged exposure to hot summer temperatures. Severe heatstroke sometimes might lead to the damage of vital organs in your body.

There can be some more causes like over consumption of alcohol, dehydration, working even while suffering fever, lack of essential vitamins and minerals in your body.

Sunstroke Symptoms

Following are the symptoms of heatstroke:

  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Sudden dizziness
  • Weakness
  • High fever shooting up to 40 degrees or more
  • Fast pulse
  • Fast breathing
  • Muscular contraction and pain
  • Sweating totally stops
  • Skin becomes hot and dry
  • Loss of consciousness

Sunstroke Remedies

At home sunstroke remedies are easy to follow and can prevent and relieve both severe and mild sunstroke symptoms. Here are simple and quick home remedies for sunstroke that you can follow to put you out of your pain.

1. Drink Lots Of Water

On an average you must consume at least 1.5 liters of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. Now, in summers since you are sweating more and its very hot, the requirement of water for the body increases. So, the first and foremost thing to do in summers to avoid heatstroke is to drink lots and lots of water.

2. Avoid Too Much Exposure To Sun

Do not expose yourself to high temperatures in the sun for a long time. Try to keep yourself indoors at work place or home, especially in the afternoons. If you can manage to be in an air conditioned or a well-ventilated room, it is best. If you must stay outdoors, always try to stay in the shade.

3. Onions

Onion is a great friend in the summer. It has good heat absorbing property. Keeping one white onion in your pocket or purse will help you avoid sunstroke. Applying thick onion paste on the affected person’s forehead is also an effective sunstroke treatment.

4. Fenugreek

Fenugreek has innumerable health benefits in the form of fenugreek seeds, fenugreek oil, fenugreek powder, etc.

Dried fenugreek leaves work magic in healing a person suffering from sunstroke. Soak dried fenugreek leaves in cold water and then crush them by hand. Add honey to it and sieve. Give this mixture every two hours to the victim, for quick healing results.

5. Green Mango

Nature always has a cure to its extremities, should we choose to recognize it. The seasonal fruit, green mango is a very good remedy for heatstroke. Keep the mango in hot ash. Peel the skin and extract the juice. Add water and sugar. Ice may be added, if desired. Drinking this juice 2-3 times a day will give you excellent relief.

6. Electrolyte Powder

Drink water along with electrolyte powders to regain or maintain mineral balance in your body that are usually depleted by the excessive heat.

7. Butter Milk

Buttermilk is a very simple and effective remedy for the summer heat. Drinking at least 2-3 glasses of buttermilk daily will help in keeping your body cool and maintain optimum temperatures.

8. Fresh Fruits

A good way to prevent sunstroke is to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Watermelon, pineapple, cucumber, oranges, etc. are good in keeping the body cool during summer and preventing heat stress symptoms

First Aid For Sunstroke Or Heat Strokesunstroke

When a person is affected by heatstroke, first bring him/her to a shade, remove his/her shoes, socks, cap, etc., loosen or remove any tight fitted clothing.

Then keep him/her in an air conditioned room or under a fan. This can be done as a first aid. If the case is too severe, then consult a physician as fast as possible.

So, by following this dehydration treatment you can say goodbye to sunstroke this summer.

While you step out in the sun, make sure you always carry a water bottle, an umbrella or a cap, wear light colored clothes and keep yourself in the shade as far as possible to stay cool in the scorching sun.

Wish you good health and a happy summer. Enjoy!

If you have anything else to share regarding sunstroke, any of your grandma’s secrets for sunstroke symptoms and treatment, please do share with us in the comments below.

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