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Top 3 Spirulina Recipes You Must Try To Keep You Healthy

Spirulina is famous for its flavor and it is a natural energy booster and it is also very renowned for its nutritional value. It is a type of water plant. It is better to say that it is an algae of blue-green color. It is found in ponds, rivers, and lakes. It is known as […]

How Can You Prevent Yourself From Getting Infectious Diseases?

How Can You Prevent Yourself From Getting Infectious Diseases?

You can suffer from infectious diseases anytime due to the different infectious microbes. Bacteria and virus do enter your body all of a sudden. Infectious diseases spread from one person to another within a very short time. You can take precaution in advance by which you save yourself from the attack of virus, bacteria. To […]

What Is The Reason Behind Taking Saffron During Pregnancy?

Saffron is known for the exorbitant price it comes in, but also for its medicinal purposes. This king of spices is obtained from the flower Zaffaran and is rich in essential nutrients, known for therapeutic purposes. It has been widely used for the color and medicinal purposes, on biryanis, kheer, and traditional sweets. This main […]

Top 10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Saffron

Commonly known as the Golden spice, saffron is rightly called because of its color. We all know that it costs an arm and a leg to acquire a small amount of this spice, but do we know why? It is because of its immense medicinal value and the difficulty of acquiring them in the first […]

8 Tips To Improve Digestive System

8 Tips to Improve Digestive System

Indigestion is a problem faced by individuals in most households. The old theory was that indigestion is caused due to overeating when the food particles are not digested as soon as they are eaten. But in modern times, it is seen that indigestion has many other root causes. Indigestion can cause stomach aches and gastric […]