The Impact Of Social Media On Health

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There are a lot of factors one must consider while catching up with trends on the internet, especially social media. The content that goes on the internet or social media is not always reliable.

But on the same hand, it is also full of trending things that are actually happening in the world. In such a scenario, what must one do to get the best of social media, while keeping their health in position.

Health should not be taken lightly, given the sedentary lifestyle we live in. The scope of taking wrong decisions with respect to health has become more since the influence of the internet and social media.

This article will help you understand the impact of social media on health decisions and how it should actually be dealt like.

Social Media At A Glance

The total worldwide population is 7.7 billion, as on January 2019, and a little more than 54 percent of them are all on the internet. This number is a comprehensive one of all the user audience and the influencers.

Social Media Activity

In the same case on an average 5.54 social media accounts. Among the active users, the average spends 116 minutes a day on social media. While the retail brands 91% of them use 2 or more social media channels for advertising. The small and medium business also use social media at a rate of 81%.

Internet users have an average of 7.6 social media accounts, in the list of active users that works out at a new social media user every 10 seconds. Among all of the above, the number of messages that are exchanged everyday on Facebook and Whatsapp handle are 60 billion messages a day.

Impact Of Social Media Influencers

It is possible that one might be influenced by social media posts. These posts might induce you to change either smaller or more significant things in life. It could be a small fashion tip, or it could be a great health step that might impact a lot on your daily routine and wellbeing.

These posts also influence your ideologies and beliefs that you have been loyal to for a long time. They make you subconsciously influence to change the overall outset on specific subjects with the content.

Recent surveys prove this as a reasonable chunk of adults admit that they have actually changed their views over the past one year due to the impression and influence by content in their social or internet feeds.

Social media content has the ability to influence people regardless of their culture, age, and demographics. Some groups are also more inclined towards their opinions when compared to others because of digital content.

It is possible that younger brains an actually try looking out for the authenticity of information on social media channels. When it comes to the newbies of tech, the older generation, they tend to believe everything that is on the internet. They are not very tech-savvy to do proper analysis of how authentic the information is.

This brings in scope for influencers to fill in the gap of ignorance that people have with sometimes irrelevant and incomplete one way information that might disrupt the normal flow of people’s health lives.

Social Media Blogger

Doing It Because Of Social Media

A Social Media Influencer is a person on social media who uses it to establish credibility in a particular trade. An influencer has access to a broad audience and can persuade others under their authenticity and reach.

Today, a majority of people are following the content by influencers of social media, since what is seen is only sold. These influencers have many likes and huge number of followings which come from Instagram, Facebook and their Youtube channels.

More likes and more following never mean the content they publish is authentic and we have to follow the same.

Here the role of Health care professional comes who are qualified and knows about the technical aspects of all the social media trolls.

Similarly just because someone is attached to a celebrity can not always be right and we need to follow him/her. Always check how technically sound their knowledge is and cross check with a well qualified dietitian/ nutritionist when it comes to your health.

When your wellness routine inspired from social media influencers makes you feel stressed out, things need to change. It is important to draw a proper line between self-care and triggers of stress and anxiety.

Whatever step has been taken to make life healthier, should be taken seriously but also with a flexible mindset. It is always better to simplify things than to make it complicated with complex processes.

In the age of social media and especially Instagram, the pressure people feel to engage in performative wellness creates anxiety, self-doubt, and depression.

In the process, Instagram feeds have been uploaded with picture-perfect healthier meals, #SelfCareSunday rituals, and more. All of this fanaticism is infectious and, yes, fun—but it comes with a side of unspoken pressure to perform your healthy-living habits.

People have more options than they’ve ever had in the past, and whenever you have a lot of options, it can be overwhelming. In the fitness world, people are hungry to get back to basics, as evidenced by the cool-factor resurrection of the treadmill.

The cool-factor and the consciousness of getting being seen on the internet, people tend to succumb to various things suggested on social media, This makes them perform activities which might not be their cup of tea but also creates an illusion that it is the best thing to do, because of the hype given by these influencers.

Doing It For Social Media

Food Blogging

There are some people who get very deeply influenced by the content curated on social media by influencers or brands. The public might blindly follow certain tips and ways of nutrition or workouts that might not actually work in everyone’s favour.

For instance, Keto diet was one of the most common things all over the healthcare industry and social media for a long time since the past few years. Every celebrity, influencer and nutritional advisor was talking about this.

The fact that these influencers were able to reach out to a vast public, made the word KETO resound on the internet like wildfire. This wildfire not only influenced many people to take up this diet, but also blinded them from considering various factors like their own lifestyle, and their eating habits.

Merely by shifting your diet from a normal habitual one to a very sophisticated Keto diet, does not make it healthy. One must always consider a nutritionist before they go for such a drastic change.

There are also some people who blindly follow the fitness trends on social media. A lot of fitness models and influencers show up some trending or newly found workout technique or regime that might work out great for them. There is no harm in sharing such content since it might actually help people who might be going through the same problem or condition as the influencer.

Things get dangerous when these techniques or regimes do not actually suit you personally but you still go astray and follow it blindly. These create a lot of health problems and issues.

A lot of people follow lot of channels and influencers who talk about working out at home while giving the instructions to do the same. But these instructions are incomplete to a great extent as they miss the two way communication that happens in a real session where the trainer or specialist is actually present to correct mistakes that happen.

We have all heard this saying that it is always advisable to perform certain activities under the supervision of experts or trainer. This is actually true and must not be taken lightly especially when it comes to health.

What Are The Mental Effects Of Doing This?

Just as seeing friends and family pursuing their health and fitness goals on social media can be motivating.

However, it can also be intimidating. Some of us just weren’t built to have six-pack abs whether it’s our physical stature, lack of time to achieve it, or love of donuts.

Sometimes, when we know we can’t do something, it can prevent us from trying. Also, not all of the images we see on social media, especially the ones on celebrity accounts, are real. Many are photoshopped and edited by highly trained specialists.

Physically fit humans have always walked among us like normal people. But, we weren’t exposed to see their ripped and toned bodies every now and then, like we do these days.

In our society, fitness models on Instagram have a large count of following can get endorsement and sponsorship deals. They can turn their interest into a proper career by working with health food companies, gyms, and fitness equipment companies.

This is not all the time, a bad thing, sometimes. Some fitness people in Instagram are looking to become a paid trainer. Some are willing to answer questions and offer advice to those struggling with their fitness experience.

The ability for social media videos and posts to go viral has led to a massive influx of nutrition and poor health information spreading instantly all across the world.

Some of the trends that went well around social media were –

  • Tapeworm diet
  • Unsafe detoxes
  • Keto Diet
  • Clean Eating
  • Appetite Suppression lollipops

Even dangerous workouts can rapidly spread on social platforms. They can inadequately influence those just looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, the ability to information for spreading so fast has enhanced the dissemination of unrealistic expectations. In his/her practice, he/she has seen a drastic increase in silly body image problems.

Young men think they are suppose to have chiseled abs, a hulking chest and extremely tapered waistlines to look perfect and be healthy. While young women may interpret healthy bodies on social media that are quite underweight.

This can lead to disordered eating disorders, body  eating habits, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and depression.

The Importance Of A Healthcare Professional

Health Expert

Certain things have to be discussed with a professional before taking a step. Especially in the matter of health, we cannot afford to take a risk. It is always better to take the suggestion of a professional.

Amidst all the confusion raised by social media and the internet, it is important for us to consider the importance of a healthcare professional.

A healthcare professional will not only help us identify the authenticity of the matter we went through, but also will be in a better position to advise whether that particular step will work out well or not.

A proper assisted way of taking certain supplements and diet forms, by a professional nutritionist, helps in maintaining good health. When things are done under supervision, there are lesser chances of things going wrong.

The Importance Of A Trainer

When it comes to taking up a new fitness regime, it is important to do it under proper guidance. WHen you don’t take the guidance, things might go to worse situations like injuries or permanent damage.

A quality personal trainer will have the potential to change lives in a better way and healthier diet. Using their expertise and knowledge, personal trainers design training programs that help meet the fitness and health goals of the folks they work with.

Performing fitness assessments, providing motivation and accountability are other important aspects of a good personal trainer. This not only satisfies the requirement of a good physical regime supervision, but also helps in motivating to be positive and stay healthy.

Although it is important to be updated and be social on various platforms of the internet and social media, it is also equally important to be careful about the choices that we make on the basis of this information. This also includes the suggestions and advice from the specialists of particular fields before taking decisions on issues related to health and fitness.

So don’t get attacked by the spiral of silence, and don’t let the fear of missing out affect your healthy choices. Be sane and don’t do activities that affect the quality of your health and life. Use social media to socialize more and get less influenced by the choices of others’ lives.

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