Top 10 Weight Loss Pills, an Overview

weight loss pills

Are you looking for the fast working weight loss pills? Then you suppose to know first that new seven different types of weight loss pills are already launched in the global markets. These pills are excellent for proper weight management as they work effectively on someone’s body, the same as the existing weight loss pills. Here in this article, we discussed the top ten weight loss pills appropriately. So choose the best one for you by going through this blog.

List of top ten weight loss pills that actually work

  1. Hydroxycut
  2. Chitosan
  3. Beta Glucan
  4. Orlistat
  5. Meratrim
  6. Forsklin
  7. Glucomannan
  8. Synephrine
  9. Extract Of Green Coffee Bean
  10. Raspberry Ketones



Best pills for weight loss

This weight loss pill has been on the market since a decade back, yet the pill’s popularity does not reduce a little bit. On the other hand, the Hydroxycut pill is popular due to its incredible effectiveness. As per some studies, this pill helps a person shade off almost 21lbs or 9.5 kg within three months.

Chitosan weight loss pills


Chitosan pill is having an enormous amount of Chitosan. This is a marine fiber that contains chitin. Chitin is the exoskeleton of multiple crustaceans, as well as many insects. Chitosan pill helps in binding the fat and also helps in minimizing the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Beta Glucan


This is a soluble fibre that is highly concentrated. This weight management substance comes from the fungi such as mushrooms and yeast. Different types of algae are also an excellent source of Beta Glucan. The pill of Beta Glucan helps lower the cholesterol level from the bloodstream and helps in losing weight. Beta Glucan also works efficiently in reducing diabetes.



This pharmaceutical drug is generally popular by the name of ‘Alli’ and sold worldwide by this name. As per the 11 different studies, the pill of Orlistat helps in reducing the weight by 7kg or 6 pounds compared to other dummy pills. The medicine inhibits the breakdown of fat in your gut. As a result, your bloodstream contains fewer calories that cannot accumulate in the adipose tissue in an extensive amount.



This is absolutely a newcomer in the world of weight loss pills. Generally, two different types of plant extracts containing tablets effectively change the fat cell metabolism. The increasing rate of the fat cell gets lower due to the pill and also works on stored fat burning.

Forskolin the best weight loss pills

best weight loss pills available

When it comes to weight management, these mint family-based plant extract-containing pills are amazing. The pills enhance the amount of cAMP, which helps in fat burning. Multiple studies show the practical result of Forskolin amazingly.



This pill is generally created by using the elephant yam’s root. The pill is also famous by the name of ‘Konjac’. You should consume the number of medicines according to your doctor’s prescription along with the plain water. The pills become gel-like substance as it goes inside the intestine due to the water. Once it enters your gut, it ‘sits’ over there and gives you a feeling of a full stomach, and that is why you would eat less calorie-containing foods.

Synephrine or Bitter Orange


Synephrine is containing a considerable amount of a particular type of orange known as ‘Bitter orange.’ The pills are less potent yet show fantastic mechanisms related to reducing body fat, same as ephedrine. Apart from fat burning, it also helps in losing appetite.

Extract Of Green Coffee Bean

The roasted green coffee beans create the pills. These weight loss pills are highly effective as it contains the natural ingredient. So, when it comes to the natural element-containing pills for weight management method, you can easily consume green coffee bean extract pills.

Raspberry Ketones Weight loss pills

Raspberry ketones pills are highly effective when it comes to the breakdown of fat. This pill enhances the rate of breakdown process of fat interestingly. It also increases adiponectin hormone, which is believed to work well in the weight loss process. The pill causes burps that smell similar to a raspberry. Raspberry Ketones should be consumed in massive numbers to get the result, and for this reason, it is better to consult with your doctor about the doses.

Hence all the weight loss pills are highly effective for the absolute weight management of a human being. You can consume the medicines as per the requirements and get the desired body you always wanted to have. The weight loss pills given above are effective, but the results may differ from person to person. Also, there are specific side effects of each type of weight loss pills, and hence you should read about them properly before buying and consuming the same. Also, it is always better to check with your healthcare provider before consuming any of the above-mentioned weight loss pills. The above-given pills may or may not be available in India, and hence you should not get upset and go with an alternative available in your country.


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