What Should I Drink In The Morning To Lose Weight?

Weight loss is one of the main health issues faced not just by the youth but even more so with the elderly and middle-aged people. For those who lack discipline and the required patience, weight loss seems to be as much a long daunting process. However, if one cannot be persistent in their weight loss efforts and cannot pay obedience to a set diet regime for weight loss with an inability to sacrifice their favorite food, then there is a much easier and simpler way to lose weight fast. The defendants of strict weight loss regimes may label it as ‘cheats’ that can speed up weight loss but it is not only a quick way also a relatively easy way that will also have more additional health benefits with the least of side effects. If one can afford to prepare these (early) morning weight loss drinks and try for themselves, they can surely witness some betterment in the weight loss rates in their bodies along with enjoying better digestion and low-calorie intake with high metabolism rates that will all have a great impact on one’s ability to lose weight quickly. So, regardless of any doubts on their mind, one can try these fat burning drinks, if they want to fast lose weight.

What Is The Role Of Liquids/Liquid Diets In Weight Loss?

What Should I Drink In The Morning Losing weight is a very common goal, a goal that is a top priority for many individuals. There are many people either for the sake of health or good looks who are in a serious hunt for the pursuit of an ideal weight loss program. If one can considerably burn out the extra calories or limit their daily calorie intake, they are known to kick-start the ‘weight loss’ process and can continue until the desired results are met. Despite a lot of physical activity is demanded to lose weight, doing the same with minimal effort sounds like a win-win situation for many. The importance of consuming liquids in place of solid food is on the verge these days meaning there are more and more people who are increasingly subscribing to liquid diets than solid diets alone. While there are some weight loss diets that entirely feed on liquid diets there are certain others that are introducing liquid diets as a new alternative to some solid diets. Nevertheless the case, a liquid diet is fast emerging to be a clear winner when it comes to quick and almost instant weight loss. When used alongside healthy lifestyle changes, certain beverages are more effective than others at promoting weight loss. Beverages like green tea, coffee and high-protein drinks too have been shown to boost metabolism, promote fullness and decrease hunger, all of which may encourage weight loss. All one needs to do is to start following the diet right away and begin consuming food in liquid form. Even though the role of liquid diets to be effective as a long-term weight loss plan is debatable, even one day on a liquid diet will help to detox one’s system and initiate the weight loss process.

What Are Liquid Diets?

Liquid Diets Like the name suggests, liquid diets are nutrition programs which require one to get all or at least most of their daily calories from drinks/liquids alone rather than solid foods. Simply put, liquid diets are low-cal foods in the liquid form. One may either choose to replace one or two meals of their day with liquid foods or go for a complete liquid diet. This means they will consume calories in the liquid form. One can either take juice fruits and veggies, make smoothies, or have a soup that will include fluids as part of their diet. All said diets which include both solid food and liquids can be an effective and convenient way for overweight people to limit the number of calories they eat. There are majorly three types of liquid diet for a brief exploration:

What Are The Types Of Liquid Diet?

Sticking to a specific liquid diet can be tough for people who are new to the weight loss business. And if one is not comfortable on a complete liquid diet, they can have other options of liquid diets like meal replacement shakes, detox diets or cleanses, or medically prescribed liquid diets. One should surely not forget to consult their doctor/dietitian before trying any of these liquid diet plans as most of them can be grouped into one of these following categories:

Detox/Cleansing Liquid Diet

These liquid diets have gained popularity in recent times. They help detoxify one’s body and one can see the results when they go on this diet once a week for a month. The diet will be a new experience for many as it refreshes their body by removing toxic substances, for one will get to drink vegetable/fruit juices that are made up of herbs and other botanical ingredients. Examples of detox liquid diets are Master Cleanse, water fasting, and various juicing programs.

Meal Replacement Liquid Diet 

If one replaces their all-day or half-day meals with juices or fluids then it is called a Meal Replacement Liquid Diet. One can still have other solid foods in this diet plan which should, of course, be healthy and nutritious. The protein shakes or juices that one can have instead of breakfast or lunch are generally low in calories and must contain all the macro- (protein, carb, and fat) and most of the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.)

Medically Prescribed Liquid Diet

Though this diet is not intended for weight loss one needs special attention and monitoring by a doctor who prescribes to make a patient get set for surgery in the coming future or help him/her recoup from an injury or soothe one’s digestion issues. These medically prescribed diets require the patients to be on a clear liquid diet which means that the patients can only drink water, broth, syrup, apple juice, popsicle, and teas. The final takeaway point to be noted is for the best weight loss results, one can go on for a day with a detox diet if they are fine with it. Or the even better option is the meal replacement diet for enjoying the dual advantage of both solid foods and liquid juices/broths that can provide about 500 to 1500 calories per day.

Why One Should Kick-start Their Mornings With Liquid Diets?

How should one begin their day for a healthy start? For anyone, if mornings were all about having a nice, quick shower, taking hold of a quick bite and hurrying out of the home at a brisk pace leaving time hardly for anything else, then there’s a pressing need to bring in some change. Health must always be on the forefront, and one cannot neglect or postpone this prime need for tomorrow and should start taking care of it today. Given today’s busy lives, many of them are hardly left with personal time in the world. That’s why it’s better for one to adopt simply some good habits in order to bring about a positive effect on one’s health. There are some liquids which are functional like a health tonic that is loaded with the necessary nutrients which work wonders in taking care of one’s health and keeping them away from infections. These topics can be easily made at home without any great effort by using readily available fruits, spices, etc. The benefits of following a liquid diet can be best described as below::
  • Helps in detoxification.
  • Gives the necessary rest to the digestive system.
  • Improves metabolic rate.
  • Improves skin quality.
  • Helpful for those aching from a painful wisdom tooth.
  • Useful for those with cancer of the mouth, esophagus, or gums.
  • Reduces stomach ulcer pain.
  • Very useful for those who have undergone surgery of the tonsils or stomach.
Like any extreme diet, a liquid diet can also be dangerous if one follows it for days on end. One must take a look at its possible side effects:

Here Are Some Health Tonics One Could Start Drinking In The Morning:

1. Lemon juice with honey 

Most dieticians recommends starting off one’s day with a glass of lemon juice and honey on an empty stomach. The very ingredients will help in removing toxins from the body and improving one’s immunity. Even Ayurveda endorses this remedy to be a great morning health tonic. One can simply prepare this by taking one glass of lukewarm water and adding half a lemon juice together with one teaspoon of honey into it and then take it instantly.

2. Apple cider vinegar

Touted as a miracle drink, nearly every health enthusiast today gushes about the many health-enhancing properties of apple cider vinegar. ACV is known to help one in weight loss, improve digestion, lower bad cholesterol, and balance pH of the skin. One can add one teaspoon of ACV to warm water, and then add a pinch of cinnamon and one tablespoon of honey to the mixture and drink them up.

3. Ajwain water

Ajwain (carom) seeds are saddled with therapeutic properties because of the presence of an essential oil like thymol that helps in speeding up digestion, promoting weight loss and soothing acidity. An easy tonic to prepare in the morning by just adding half a teaspoon of ajwain to one cup of water before bringing it to a simmer. The jeers flavor is also infused once it cools. Pick any of the health tonics above that can be made easy at home and then see the difference.

What Are The Various Weight Loss Drinks?

One can get enormous weight loss benefits just by taking a glass of early morning fat cutter drinks which will surely include some of the best vegetables and herbs that the planet kingdom produces. Though it may sound a bit unrealistic one may easily lose 4-5 kgs before nearly 3 weeks time. Along with these, health experts also suggest maintaining a healthy diet and proper exercise that can obviously speed up a healthy weight loss process. The weight loss drinks can also boost metabolism and enhance digestion in the system. So here are some of the best weight loss drinks for one to consume during the daytime:

1. The Minty Lemon Detox

Minty Lemon Detox Every ingredient in this drink is geared towards melting as much fat as it possibly can. It contains green tea that is considered super powerful for burning fat. Not only that, it even has mint leaves that will add some zesty sweetness to the drink without adding sugar. Above all, the most important ingredient to be found is lime. This will help not only with one’s weight loss but also helps in relieving pains and aches.

How To Make It:

1 lime, 1 green tea bag, 1/4 cup of mint leaves and water. Fill a clean large jar with 25 ounces of water, add the green tea bag and refrigerate it for nearly 25 minutes. Put the lime & mint slices in the water. Then detain the green tea bag and refrigerate for another 25 minutes before enjoying the drink.

2. Citrusy Drink For Belly Fat

 Citrusy Drink For Belly Fat Scientists at the American Nutrition and Medical Research Centre has shown that grapefruit carries unique plant compounds that aid in weight loss. This fiber-rich fruit makes one feel full for longer, thus functioning as an excellent way to suppress one’s appetite. Pomegranate too is loaded with health-promoting antioxidants and boosts digestive health; adding to the presence of B-complex vitamins which also contain fiber, is essential for digestion. How To Make It: 3/4 cup grapefruit, 1 and 1/2 teaspoon organic honey, 3/4th cup pomegranate salt. Grind the mixture of grapefruit and pomegranate in a blender and pour into a tall glass. Then add honey and black salt for taste. Stir well before consuming.

3. Ginger And Lemon For Gut Cleanser

 Ginger And Lemon For Gut Cleanser Ginger can work wonders for one’s digestive health. Ginger protects and heals the gut, speeds up the movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract, and reduces bloating and cramps. It awakens the taste buds and even gets one’s digestive juices flowing. Lemon is a detoxifying agent that is a very rich source of vitamin C. The pectin fibres that are there in lemon slow down the digestion of sugars and starches, and enhance gut health. How To Make It: 1-inch ginger root, 1 teaspoon of lime juice, 1 cup of cold water, and 3/4 teaspoon roasted cumin powder.

Can A Liquid Diet Overdose Has Side-Effects?

There are quite some dangers of being on a liquid diet continuously for too long, especially when an individual starves himself of regular food diet for long. The side-effects can be:
  • One’s immunity will become weak.
  • One will feel light headed and dizzy.
  • Cravings for food may increase, leading to overeating.
  • Can lead to muscle loss and weaken the bones.
  • Might prevent proper brain functioning besides mood swings and irrational thoughts.
  • Makes one prone to a cough and cold.
  • Causes nausea.

Who Should Avoid Liquid Diet?

Though the liquid diet is ideal for losing weight fast, it must still be avoided by:
  • Pregnant and lactating women,
  • Children, and
  • Older adults (unless the doctor recommends).
  • People with Kidney ailments (High Serum Creatinine levels)
  • Gout ( High Uric acid content)
  • Anyone who has water retention
  • People with Fluid Restriction
To conclude, one must be on a liquid diet responsibly but not compulsively. Weight loss is a tough process, and depending on one’s body type, it will take anywhere from a few days to a few years. One can try any of the above morning weight loss boosting drinks that cleanses their body from inside out and gets the results in just a few weeks. So, stay healthy and lose weight!

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