10 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

Our brain is the most important organ in our body and the master of the nervous system. The brain works continuously, even when we are asleep and gives constant directions to the other organs in our body, to their functions accordingly.

Have you ever thought what a marvellous organ your brain is? How does it manage to do so much? It is like your own search engine and also your own automated control system.

You will be astounded by the fact that, most human (maybe including you too) use only 10% of their brain’s capabilities to live their life and achieve their day to day chores, whereas our brain is able to produce 90% more productivity.

One of the best ways to help our brain perform to its full capabilities is by challenging it with new exercises and constantly working toward sharpening the brain power. Hence, training your brain to work hard, will allow it to reach its true potential.

You can boost your brain power in 10 ways

There are a number of tips that you can follow to increase the power of your brain. Sharpening your brain is a time taking process, yet almost the most fulfilling. In case that you are still concerned about how to increase brain power, here are a few tips to follow-

  1. Regular Exercises

You might be confused as to how regular exercise can sharpen the power of your brain, but it is true. Regular exercise increases the neurogenesis process in the brain and in this process helps create new brain cells, every time you are running on the treadmill, cycling or doing your crunches.

If you are really willing to help your brain grow and become more effective, it is the time that you get off that couch and reach for your running shoes.

Improve your brain power

  1. Take part in new things

Just like you, your brain too feels the mundane traits of your daily life and like any other 9 to5 job goer; it too tends to become a couch potato. Hence, it is important that you continually stimulate your brain with new activities that it is not used to.

The whole process helps in increasing intelligence by creating new neural pathways.

  1. Memory Training

One of the best ways to improve brain power is by doing memory exercises a part of your daily routine. Rather than sitting down and complaining about your bad memory, you can sharpen it by memorising different numbers, like passport number, debit card number, phone numbers, etc.

  1. Thinking Positive

One of the best gifts you can give to your brain is by thinking positive. The more you relieve your brain from stress and tension, the better it can function.

How to improve brain power

  1. Curiosity

When you start questioning things you give your brain to break away from its everyday job and think about things over a broader scope. This escalates the normal amount of activity done by the brain and also helps in improving its power.

  1. Eating Healthy

You may not realise this, but our daily diet has a huge role to play in the general health of our brain. Over 20% of all the nutrients that we take in during the day are consumed by the brain. Hence, it is important that the brain is supplied with all the best nutrients to improve its power.

  1. Sleep well

Similar to good food, good sleep also plays a major role in helping to increase brain power. Like our body, the brain too needs adequate rest to function well the next day.

  1. Read more

Reading increases, our imaginative power and imagination lead the brain to picture what we imagine. This is a good way to train your brain.

Best ways to improve brain power

  1. Use your common sense

With technology doing every job for us today, we hardly do manual calculations or read a map for directions. These activities sharpen your brain like no other, and hence you need to bring them back in your life soon.

  1. Ditch AutoCorrect

You need to turn off that auto correct on your laptop and phone right now. Remembering spellings also help you brush up your memory.

Hence, if you are still wondering how to improve brain power, all you have to do is follow the tips mentioned above.

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