12 Simple and Effortless Practices for a Healthy Immunity

A weak immune system makes your body vulnerable to various diseases and inflammation. If you suffer from them, then before dashing off to the doctor, try the following practices on a regular basis. They will surely build up your immunity stronger.

1. Regular exercise

exercise for immunity If you do a little research on the question of ‘what is immunity?’ and what are the procedures to strengthen it, the number 1 answer will be – Exercise. Take a stroll, jog around the local park or do some Yoga, even if it’s for 30 minutes daily. Repeat this act 5-6 times in a week and Voila! The days of sore throats and cough/cold will be slashed down by half. Being active for minimum 140 minutes in a week augments the production of white cells thus boosting up your immunity.

2. Proper rest

how to gain increase immunity Intense exercise comes with the proper rest as well. So, if you want to reap the good results of your workout, then include the time of proper rest in your schedule also. Whenever you are working out, try to take a 1-minute break after finishing off a cycle. Added with that 8 hours of sleep and a 30-minute cat-nap are necessary for restoring your body’s energy and charging up the macrophage cells that kill bacteria.

3. Reduced Intake Of Sugar

how to improve immunity Sugar intake not only puts bad calorie on your body, but it also kills good white blood cells. To avoid this mayhem, you must curb down the addiction of lemonade, soda, and refined sugar and eventually obliterate it. But then what will you do if you have a sweet tooth? The answer lies in healthy alternative sweeteners. But even they should be consumed in moderation. Also aspartame or calorie-free substitute should be prohibited in your diet. Try natural healthy sweeteners like jaggery instead.

4. The Inclusion Of Almond In Morning Diet

diet to improve immunity Consuming 3 ounces of almond nuts with their skins, every morning makes the health of white blood cells better. Healthy white blood cells are instrumental in toughening up your immunity system in turn. If you are averse to the idea of chomping on raw almonds, then slice them up and add them in your porridge or oatmeal. The chemicals that are present in the almond skin are another solution if you research for what is immunity and how to build it up.

5. Keeping One’s Warm

Keeping one's warm Keeping yourself warm even during the days of summer is crucial to keep the white blood cells on the active mode. Take warm showers, wrap a scarf around your head during the monsoon or consume one glass of lukewarm water every morning on the empty stomach to fight off your body getting cold externally.

6. Piling Up Veggies On The Plate

veggies for immunity To curb down the inflammation inside your body include the vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and ginger in your cooking. Foods like beans have anti-inflammatory components called phytonutrients. Those of you who love a little bit of spice in life can sprinkle chili peppers on your dishes.

7. Having Vitamin C On A Daily Basis

Having Vitamin C on a daily basis cani improve immunity Our ancestors had recommended lemon juices, oranges or tomatoes to everyone who used to suffer from common cold and cough recurrently; that pointer remains so relevant till date. To build a strong immunity system, you must incorporate lemons, grape fruits, oranges as well as limes in your regular diet. These fruits contain high levels of Vitamin C and having them everyday means giving your body active phagocytes cells. The only drawback? Vitamin C gets removed from our bodies every day via urination. So whether you like them or not, eat citrusy fruits/veggies daily.

8. Munching On Mushrooms

Munching on mushrooms for immunity Prepare that delicious Thai green curry or lip-smacking salad with mushrooms and strengthen your immunity. A mushroom, especially Reishi mushroom has a wonderful ability to increase the production of white blood cells that will wrap a great barrier of protection around your body. This healing property of Reishi mushroom has been discovered more than 2000 years ago and till its enigma remains an enchanting produce to incorporate in one’s diet amongst the health-conscious ones. Apart from strengthening the immune system, the Reishi mushroom has calming effects on nerves, soothes stress level and fuels good sleep every night.

9. Gorging On Fish

Gorging on fish for immunitySteamed, baked or inside two slices of bread, start the consumption of fish on a daily basis if you are clueless about how to improve immunity pronto. Not only for your immunity but oily fish are also instrumental in resisting the growth of cancer cells. If you have a poor immune system, then your body is vulnerable in terms of virus/bacteria and inflammation. The Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in oily fish, have a great counteractive quality to diffuse inflammation. So don’t think twice about including sardines, herring, and mackerel in your daily diet. But moderation is the key here.

10. Adding Good Fats In Cooking

Adding good fats in cooking for immunity To boost up immunity, you need to incorporate some good fats in your regular diet and throw away the bad, saturated animal fats. Unsaturated vegetable fats are some of the finest examples of good fats that are essential for cells development and production of necessity composites like- hormones and prostaglandins. These composites are the real boosters behind the formation of white blood cells. Some example of good fats are soybean oil, flax seeds, kidney beans, black beans; to name a few.

11. Making Room For Singing

singing can improve immunity Do you love singing? Then sing aloud while taking the shower as research had shown that singing has a sprinting effect on antibodies, thus boosting the immunity. Albeit it is said that group singing or choir singing has the most effective impact on bolstering the blood dilution of antibodies. So if you are searching for the question about how to improve immunity, then start flexing your vocal chords.

12. Being Happy And Laughing A Lot

Being happy and laughing a lot can improve immunity Laughter accelerates the production of white cells in the bloodstream that eventually fight off the bacteria and viruses in the body. On the other hand, laughing (or giggling) your heart’s out will produce more antibodies to kill off the infectious germs. So in order to build the immunity system- keep laughing. Simple yet effective, these 12 natural habits if incorporated in our daily schedule and diet can turn our immunity up a few notches like no other. Backed by research, such healthy habits have proven their mettle when it comes to boosting immunity for a longer, healthier, happier life!

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