Arm Yourself Up with the Power of Vitamin C & Zinc!

Vitamin C and Zinc are two of the best possible solutions to boost immunity. They both play a crucial part in the current scenario, where immunity is of absolute importance. While following all-important guidelines introduced by health authorities and the government, you must take vitamin C and zinc a part of your immunity-boosting nutrients. 

Their intake can improve your body’s capacity to fight against pathogens and shield you from infection. Foods containing vitamin C include oranges, guava, broccoli, kiwi, etc. Whereas items rich in zinc are eggs, legumes, whole grains, meat, etc.


Vitamin C & Zinc


Vitamin C & Zinc: The Immunity Factor

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is organically present in few foods as well as available as supplements. Since humans cannot synthesize it endogenously, daily intake of Vitamin C is necessary. Vitamin C is an indispensable micronutrient with numerous health functions associated with its consumption. 


Role of Vitamin C

role of vitamin C

  • It is well known for its antioxidant family with its capacity to donate an electron. 
  • Vitamin C is central to the immune system functioning in both innate as well as adaptive immune systems.
  • The intake of Vitamin C promotes epithelial barrier functions to battle against incoming foreign particles and supports the skin in removing those particles, thereby fighting against environmental stress. Vitamin C is imperial in WBC functioning and aids to differentiation and proliferation of B and T-cells. 
  • Vitamin C also plays an active role in NK (Natural Killer) cells functioning, promoting the fight against invading organisms.
  • It encourages the growth of lymphocytes that are white blood cells carrying antibodies. 
  • Vitamin C has also been found to augment the movement of phagocytes – immune cells competent in swallowing harmful pathogens. 
  • Vitamin C, as a nutrient, has antioxidant properties that support in reducing and preventing inflammation which is an identified factor behind a weak immune function.


After contemplating these many advantages of vitamin C, we can definitely say that consuming it regularly can improve your body’s immune function and support you in actively fighting against infections. 

Though notably, there has been no evidence to date that it helps in preventing COVID-19. But we cannot deny the fact that excellent immunity helps prevent being critically ill and assists in speedy recovery.


Role of Zinc:

Role of Vitamin C & Zinc

  • This vital micro-nutrient helps in cell growth and its survival. 
  • Zinc acts as a carrier for the immune system. It performs as an intracellular signal molecule for the body’s resistance cells. 
  • It also decreases the level of cytokines – chemicals that are toxic to the body. 
  • Zinc boosts the production of infection-fighting cells (WBC and T cells).


Risk Factors & Deficiency

Vitamin C scarcity results in weakened immune system functioning and greater susceptibility to infections, and healthy functioning. In case of infections, Vitamin C levels are influenced principally because of improved metabolic requirements. Prophylactic prevention of infections demands daily recommended Vitamin C supplementation. 

The Recommended Dietary Allowance for Vitamin C, as per ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research), states that RDA for Vitamin C is 90mg/ day for adult men and 75 mg/day for adult women. Therefore, including Vitamin C supplements in case of inadequate dietary intake is requisite to power your immunity in today’s world.


Who are at risk of higher Vitamin C deficiency:

  • Smokers and passive smokers
  • People with Malabsorption
  • Patients with Chronic disease
  • People addicted to Alcohol


Meanwhile, Zinc is a mineral that affects various aspects of the defense system. It is crucial for the growth and development of innate immunity cells. 

An inadequate diet can cause zinc deficiency. Hence it is more common in malnourished children and adults and in people who cannot eat a healthy diet due to circumstances or illness. Also, since a significant zinc intake is from meat and seafood, vegetarians may be extra prone to deficiency. The greater need caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding may also lead to zinc deficiency.


Who are at risk for higher Zinc deficiency:

  • People with gut conditions such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and coeliac disease, and conditions where there is persistent diarrhea.
  • People who drink excessive alcohol. 
  • People with illnesses, such as kidney or chronic liver disease

Besides, it should be noted that high-dose iron supplements can also affect zinc absorption.


How does Inlife Healthcare come into the picture?

Inlife Healthcare has an entirely natural Vitamin C & Zinc supplement with an exceptional blend of immunity-boosting ingredients such as zinc and 1000 mg natural Amla extract. Amla extract is a natural source of Vitamin C that promotes robust immune response and enhances resistance to immune challenges. Zinc is a mineral central to the defense system’s functioning. 

Taking these Vitamin C tablets will also aid in digestion, strengthen skin elasticity, and help prevent wrinkles. The supplement will also support brain health and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and blood pressure. 

Do give it a try for an extra boost to your immunity!


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