Facts About A Pre Workout Supplement

pre workout supplement

Have you heard about the new buzz in the fitness industry?

If you are a health and fitness freak, then this article is absolutely for you.

The buzz healthy pre workout is all over google when it comes to health, fitness, gym, exercising, doing workouts, etc.There are more than 4.6 million posts on Instagram talking about, how close is the bond between physical activity and pre workout shakes & supplements.

Few research studies doubt the credibility of the pre workout supplements and claims that they are not needed but on the contrary there are innumerable studies which has shown the wonderful healthy benefits of these pre-workout supplements. The research studies have proven pre-workout supplements to be paramount for the health of a person involved in any kind of strenuous physical activity.

Let me take you to the science behind pre workout supplement and how healthy are these.

So, what are pre workout supplements?

Best pre work out supplements can be termed as performance enhancing supplements. These supplements are a combination of ingredients or dietary formulas that are designed to boost your energy levels while working out.

Your body needs that extra dose of spike during an athletic performance, gym session, workout class, or any sports you play. So, how about having a companion following you each time to provide you that support and motivation to keep you get going and help you achieve your fitness goals?

Yes, you are right, a pre workout supplement can be that one friend forever who can help enhance your endurance levels and provide the required strength during your physical activities.

The pre workout supplements are in the form of a powder to which water is added making it like a milkshake and consumed 30 mins before the start of any kind of physical activity.

Benefits of a Pre Workout Supplement

Why you need to take a Pre Workout Supplement?

The pre workout supplement is a protein supplement for anyone who does regular workouts at home or gym that helps in increasing energy and endurance, helps fight fatigue, aids in keeping one hydrated and also increase their physical performance.

Benefits of pre workout supplements are not limited to physical health only, but it also plays a significant role in mental wellness as well as cognitive processes such as alertness, focus, accuracy and reaction time.

Furthermore, preworkout supplements also aid in gaining lean body mass, reducing muscle damage during a workout, also help in muscle recovery post workout along with improved focus and alert nature of the body as it will pump the adrenaline levels.

What a Pre Workout Supplement is made up of?

Inlife Pre workout supplement has been carefully formulated by a team of nutritionist and health experts with the best of ingredients to help you boost endurance and strength performance, when combined with proper training.

Carbohydrates: They are also known as body’s fuel pump and having a carbohydrate rich snack before a workout is mandatory to provide energy during workouts. If one has to maximise the muscle glycogen replenishment, carbohydrates play a major role and hence it is essential before any physical performance. In body building, post workout carbs is common but carbs are needed pre workout as well. “Evidence supports a range of carbohydrate uses for various athletic applications, from taking in 30 to 60 grams per hour during endurance events to simply rinsing the mouth with a carbohydrate solution before sprint events,” Georgie Fear, R.D., C.S.S.D, a board-certified sports dietitian with One by One Nutrition, tells SELF.

Caffeine: It is the most important ingredient present in a pre work out supplement as it is a naturally occurring stimulant. It helps in maximizing ergogenic effects as it causes vasodilation, in simple words, it widens the blood vessels due to which oxygen pumping to the muscles is increased. According to Food and Drug administration, 400mg of caffeine intake is recommended for a day. In over-the-counter medicines, caffeine is recommended as a pain reliever as it belongs to a group of medicines called Central Nervous System stimulants. In other words, you will be able to complete your activity without feeling the intensity.

Beta-Alanine: It is an amino acid produced in the liver, also acquired through the consumption of foods such as poultry and meat. It is used in formulation because it helps in preventing acid (when we exercise hydrogen ions get accumulated in the muscles making them acidic) build up while working out in the muscle tissue and allowing them to work out for longer durations.

Taurine: It is also a form of amino acid most often found in energy drinks. It is found that taurine helps in lowering the risk of heart disease and also improves sports performance by maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte balance in the body cells. It also regulates healthy metabolism of calcium within the cells and has antioxidant functions.

Creatine monohydrate: It is not a steroid, about 90-95% of creatine monohydrate is stored in your muscles only. It helps with protein synthesis which increases lean muscle mass. Creatine monohydrate increases the strength endurance and performance output, also known to help overcome muscle strain during exercise thus increasing muscle recovery. It is associated with cardioprotective properties as it may help in protecting the heart and blood vessels.

There are other ingredients as well present in Inlife Pre workout formula like L arginine, N acetyl tyrosine, vitamin B1, B3 & B6 which are equally beneficial and important in contributing towards the health of an individual.

Furthermore, I would say that before relying completely on a pre workout supplement, even the dietary habbits should be kept in check. A holistic approach is always better and helps in long run. Also a proper sleep is very important in order to stay active and healthy.

That said, “pre workout supplements for muscle gain can be the icing on the cake, after a solid nutrition foundation has been implemented,”

I guess now you are clear that pre workout supplement is an amigo and not an enemy to provide that extra energy for your fitness goals.

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