Can Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss?

Hair is one of the most fashionable thing which you can rely upon for your better looks. Maybe you always think how to grow hair faster and bear a nice look. Now when you get a good hair, you try out colouring or dying as a part of your fashion statement. But, when you try out dying hair, do you ever think what the end results will be?

The-hair-dye-side-effects-or-your-hairs-8Yes, there are several physicians and scientists who claim that does hair dye cause hair loss. However, there is no solution to the permanent greying of hair, and so, you may count on the hair dyes. These may be permanent or temporary. Most people use temporary hair colour, but these are harmful to your hair. This is the perfect piece of article for you, which will tell you all about hair dye and hair loss.

 How can hair dye damage hair?

  • Certain harmful chemicals are present in the hair colours which degrade the quality of your hair and cause hair loss. The follicles of the hair are damaged when these chemicals are applied to the hair. Sometimes, they cause allergies in the hair as well. There are temporary hair dyes which can be washed away with a few dozens of shampoo. However, the permanent ones contain compounds of nitrogen and these are not easy to wash away. The permanent hair dyes contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, which degrade the quality of the hair.
  • In more severe cases, there are blisters and boils in the head. The hair loss problem continues on a long-term basis and the scalp of the head is full of eruptions. These arise primarily due to the use of chemicals in the permanent hair loss from hair dye.
  • Hydrogen peroxide removes the natural shine of the hair. It makes the hair rough and dull. The colour may be effective, but at the end of the day, you may lose the natural texture of the hair.
  • Apart from the shine, the strength of the hair also gets reduced. People lament after losing the natural touch of the hair, but the sad part of the story is that this damage is irreversible. So, you should not count upon the permanent hair dyes to get fashionable looks to your hair.

People who are concerned with hair growth should not try out colours, as it reduces the rate of growth of hair.

Hibiscus-Shampoo_336x280 (6)There are three types of hair colour. These are:

  • Natural: without changing the natural colour of the hair in a dramatic manner, the hair dye changes the look of the hair. One can get rid of such colours with a few shampoos.
  • Semi-permanent: The semi-permanent dyes are harmful and last for around 25 shampoos. It does not contain ammonia but has a proportion of peroxide in it.
  • Permanent: These contain both ammonia and peroxide and it is difficult to get rid of these dyes once they are applied. These are at the roots of the hair loss problems.

How to get rid of hair fall due to hair dye?

  • There are people who complain of slow hair growth or hair loss due to the use of dyes. The best remedy is not to use the dyes that contain chemicals. Still, people can use the natural ones like Henna, which do not contain harmful chemicals.
  • In case you are suffering from hair loss, you can apply Herbal Hair oil twice a week.
  • Apply cow ghee on the scalp and leave it for around 6 hours. This will boost up the cells at the roots of the hair.
  • You can also use henna powder mixed with lemon juice and apply them to the hair in order to remove the bad effects of chemicals.

As a concerned user, you may feel afraid to use the colours, even if your hair tends to wear a shade of grey. You can use the natural colours to a limited extent so that the gloss of the hair, as well as the natural colour, is retained. All you need to do is to take calculated risks.

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