Foods To Naturally Reduce Sugar Levels In Diabetic Patients

Foods to Naturally Reduce Sugar Levels in Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a serious health issue. Most people are suffering from this disease find their life miserable. This can be controlled only with the help of food control.

There are some natural food substances which help in controlling Diabetes efficiently. Top ten natural food substances are listed below that have been proven to be a great agent in controlling diabetes. Take a quick glance at it.

Best natural foods to control blood sugar


handful-of-blueberries A study has been published in the journal of nutrition in the years 2010 which showed that a daily dose of blueberries enhances the sensitivity to insulin. This reduces the chance of developing diabetes. It helps in reducing the sugar levels in people suffering from Diabetes.


avocado-sliced-in-half The fat content of avocados often fool people but in reality this fruit is a great anti-diabetic. Avocados contain monosaturated fat which helps to reduce the release of sugar into the bloodstream which prompts less insulin release. Apart from these, avocados also contain beta-sitosterol. This compound helps in reduction of inflammation, especially after a workout. One-quarter of avocado will be enough to avoid the addition of added calories to your body. You can also try out the avocado oil if you want a little difference.

Chia seeds:

benefits-of-chia-seeds Chia seeds are often overlooked by people but this gluten free seeds actually stabilizes the blood sugar disease and improves the insulin sensitivity. This manages all the effects of diabetes with utter ease. This food helps to tackle the symptoms related to metabolic syndrome which even includes imbalances in cholesterol. High blood pressure and high rise of blood sugar level right after meals. The Chia seeds also contain important components such as magnesium, folic acid, fiber, and calcium.


cinnamon-ccflcr-fotoosvanrobin Cinnamon is a great agent that causes muscle and liver cells to respond quickly to the insulin. This, in turn, improves the weight loss and balance in the blood sugar level. Cinnamon is also very useful in controlling the cardiovascular diseases which also includes high blood pressure and cholesterol level. You can consume only half spoon a day for at least twenty days to get the desired result. This will definitely improve the diabetes level by up to 20%.


You may think that how this sweet fruit can actually balance the sugar level of the body but according to the research it has been found that consumption of ten grams of freeze dried mangoes can actually help in lowering the blood sugar levels and cure sugar disease. Mango has twenty different varieties of vitamins and minerals which also includes Vitamin C and A, folate and fiber. Mango is an incredible fruit which shows the amazing result. This is a great food which helps in controlling the blood sugar levels.


Spices Mixture of various spices can actually help in controlling the blood sugar levels. This improves the metabolism of both glucose and cholesterol. This, in turn, reduces the blood sugar level in the body. Turmeric is the special anti-diabetic agent. However other than this there are various other spices such as cumin seeds, ginger, mustard, curry leaf and corianders that are truly essential elements in controlling the sugar level in blood. All these have the elements of controlling blood sugar.

Olive oil:

Olive oil: Among other food substances the olive oil happens to be one of the richest natural food substances that help in controlling the blood sugar levels. This also has the monosaturated fats just as the avocados. This also helps in accumulation of the belly fat. This is a very interesting compound that happens to be a great insulin resistant. This also encourages the release of the appetite-suppressing hormone leptin. This is undoubtedly one of the remarkable food compounds that help in reducing the blood sugar level.


Eggs Eggs have been proven to be a great food for controlling the fat and blood sugar levels. It was found that overweight people who included eggs in their breakfast lost 65% more weight than those who did not include eggs in their meal. It has been found that eggs help in reducing hunger and reduce the blood sugar levels in the blood. It is a great agent in controlling the post-meal insulin response and control diabetes. It has found that people who eat eggs for breakfast can avoid calories intake for next 36 hours.


Vinegar Vinegar is another master food substance that helps in controlling the insulin level. It has been proven to be a great agent to blunt the blood sugar and insulin increase. A meal with a vinegar drink can be a great agent in balancing the blood sugar level. Vinegar has been proven to be a great agent in giving a great health benefit to the prediabetic agents as compared to normal insulin sensitivity. White apple cider vinegar is one of the most demanding drinks which can reduce the blood sugar level.


Cherries How can someone exclude cherries from the list of best foods to control diabetes? Cherries have naturally occurring chemicals known as anthocyanins which could help in lowering the blood sugar levels. A study has shown that anthocyanins could reduce the insulin levels by fifty percent. This is also found to be a great agent in reducing heart disease.

There are many more diets that are naturally handy to control the sugar level of the diabetic patients. However, the top supportive diets are mentioned above.

You are going to get the right help from those diets, especially when you are going to get rid of the high sugar level. All the diets are consulted with doctors. So they are perfectly applicable to the patients.

You are going to get the best results within a month after application of this diets. So, include them in your diet chart and find the right help for yourself.

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