Common Adult Skin Problem

Common Adult Skin Problem

It is not a dream to get a healthy glowing skin. Even when you’re above the 30s, you can have a perfect, flawless skin. You may have some skin problems, but then there will also be remedies to it. There can be rashes as well wrinkles. Pimples, acne, irritation are some problems in skin too. There can be skin burn this summer, too.

We will now see some problems and their remedies:

Skin cancer


On the exposed skin areas there can red rashes and patches. There can be carcinogenic cells. They appear waxy. They mostly appear on our hands, head. On the worst case, your neck and lips can be affected too. Melanoma is irregular shapes that appear, and they change in colour.

Let’s first talk about the different kind of red rashes that affect our skin.

Your skin can itch or can be oozy. Rashes change the colour and result in infection and allergies. Some can be healed easily whereas other can’t be. They can at times be deadly too. Let’s see some disorders and see their symptoms.



When chicken pox affects nervous cells of spinal cord then this occurs. They appear as red rashes all over the skin. It gives severe pain, and you need antiviral medicines fast.



Skin allergies when some foreign substance enters your blood and get recognized by antibodies. There will be red rashes all around and will itch a lot. It will remain on your skin for half a day, and as the older will disappear, you will find new ones appearing.



You find it in the joints of the limbs. Can be elbows or the knees. Oral drugs or treatment with UV rays can help to cure them.

Cold Sores


Yes, it is very common. Even after having a fever, you tend to get these fever blisters. This happens commonly at the border of the lips. You know where does the virus exist? In the spinal cord. It, however, remains in dormant condition before.


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Dermatologist examines a mole
Dermatologist examines a mole

Aren’t they beautiful? Yes! But it is a kind of skin problem too. When a lot of pigment gets amalgamated at a place, it gives rise to moles.

Liver spots


Appear mostly in aged people due to exposure to the sun. It can be undone by treating it with topical creams and products. The burns can be frozen at the clinic. Special peeling off chemicals also helps in curing these.

These are some common rashes, and they should be treated with medicines. Go to a dermatologist and consult him for fast recovery.

Well, let’s see some more skin problems that happen in adulthood.



Well, it affects both the teens and the adults. It has a spot and the skin gets a bump there and at times it is painful. It mostly appears on the face. There are a lot of hormonal changes that occur in this age. It is due to these why the skin can’t adjust and results in this. There are a lot of sebaceous glands inside our skin that releases oil to the skin to keep it moisturized.

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When there is a change in hormones, the sebum or the oil that is being poured out increases in amount. Now this sebum does block the black follicle of the facial hair. The cells die there, and it mixes with the skin and appears as spot. The bacterium keeps multiplying and hence the pain accompanied by swelling. It is advisable not to prick there as it can leave scars on the skin. Well, the good news is neither does eating chocolate and having oily foods result in acne nor does wearing nice makeup. You just need to wash hands nicely before putting it because it can spread on your skin else wise.

To avoid acne, please wash your face with a facial wash after coming back to home. Don’t let your skin be oily. Use a cream suggested by the dermatologist.



It is not a kind of rash. It is more of an inflammation near your nose. It is due to chemicals produced in the skin, and it is chronical. If you’re a woman, and you’ve got fair complexion you’re more likely to get infected by it. Don’t mistake it as acne, either. You will have redness there and a few bumps too. There will be spots that will appear as breakouts. Take topical creams or go for medication. Keep away from the sun and much of oily and fast foods. Also, avoid caffeine and alcohol. At worst cases you may have to go for laser treatments.



Dermatitis will ooze out in this condition and will be too much itchy. The palm in which you’re affected ceases to function. It is due to allergic reactions. There are two types of dermatitis: Atopic and seborrhoeic. They usually affect your skin. You need creams that too medicated and also some antiseptic drugs for its cure. Use of some nice moisturizers and additives while bathing will be helpful. They will probably ask you to go for a blood test to check what allergies do you have. It can give you steroid or steroid-free creams. Creams that heal inflammations will also be subscribed. Test for patches will also be done.                                                                                                              You will find more man affected than woman in the seborrhoeic type. You will see rash type things affecting the crease just beside your nose and eyebrow. It will appear red.

Irregular pigmentation

Case 8

Many patients have patches all around the skin where the colour of skin is slightly different that from the rest. It sometimes happens due to the ageing of skin due to the sun. It doesn’t judge the age but the health, too. Now this takes real time to heal. You need to have patience as it won’t cure overnight at all. Meanwhile, you can keep using skin lightening ointments and creams. To prevent these try using an SPF 50 sunscreen while you move out.

So, you have skin conditions in the adult. Now, you just need to be careful and take care of skin. Try keeping it oil-free and go to a dermatologist at least twice a year to keep your skin always glowing.

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