Hypothyroid And The Natural Home Remedies That Work

Home Remedies For Hypothyroid

Nowadays, we are lots and lots of doubts and questions about the slow metabolism and hormonal imbalance. Certain conditions are plaguing chronically both men and women all across the world. What could be the causes of these issues? Have you ever thought about that? If you want to know the meaning in a good nuance, here it is – Thyroid. Hypothyroid is really easy to cure through the home remedies. Hypothyroid - Home Remedies But, here the thing that matters is your effort. You have to be willing to put in the effort. As there is no single cure for hypothyroidism. It is a combination of lifestyle changes and supplementation that will actually give you the permanent cure you are looking for. The good news is, we are now going to learn the natural treatment, i.e. home remedies for Hypothyroid.

Common Causes Of Hypothyroid:

  • Toxicity – Radiation and Heavy Metal exposure
  • Food Intolerance – Gluten and A1 Casein Allergy
  • Deficiency – In Iodine and Selenium
  • Hormone Imbalance – High Cortisol from stress, too many carbs, too little fat in the diet.

The Home Remedies:

Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice Having a glass of fresh carrot juice every day can effectively improve your thyroid condition. Carrots contain the high amount of vitamin A. You see, the higher the amount of vitamin A in our food, the greater is its antioxidant content. These antioxidants aid in the balanced production of the thyroid hormones.

Avocados, Pears, And Raspberries

Avocados, Pears, And Raspberries When we talk about an active gland, nothing can be so helpful than these. These fruits are especially rich in antioxidants and fiber. Hence, they constantly maintain the production of thyroid hormones and the thyroid function. You can either consume them as whole or throw them into juicer to take it along with breakfasts.

Fish And Seafood

Seafood is the ultimate source of vitamin B12 and iodine, which are crucial in increasing the production of thyroid hormones. The researchers found that the deficiency of vitamin B12 had produced the same symptoms as hypothyroid. So by eating more fish and seafood, your symptoms will gradually improve.

Fish Oil

Fish Oils This is highly recommended for hypothyroidism patients. Fish oil increases the production of thyroid hormones. Also, it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that help fight against the inflammations and increase your immunity. Hypothyroid And The Natural Home Remedies That Work Coconut Oil Coconut Oil Here comes the multi-tasker! Did you know coconut oil has the potential of stimulating your metabolism rate? This oil contains multi-chain fatty acids that will help in improving your energy level and thyroid functions. Coconut oil aids in controlling your body temperature, amid cold weathers especially.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil Again, another efficient remedy for hypothyroidism, especially for women. Evening primrose oil not only stimulates the functioning of your thyroid but also improves the symptoms associated with the disorder. Symptoms like irregular menstrual periods, hair loss or heavy menstrual flow.

Apple Cider Vinegar

There is nothing that Apple Cider Vinegar can’t improve, and how can hypothyroidism be an exception? It is believed that ACV helps in detoxification of our body, improves metabolism rate and regulates thyroid hormones. In order to consume Apple Cider Vinegar, mix 2 tablespoons of that in a glass of warm water. Add some honey if you are a taste lover. If you want to get the best results then drink it daily.

Ginger Tea

If you want to make this tea, take some thin slices of ginger and boil it in the water for 5 minutes. Add some honey for the taste and take this tea on every day. Ginger is a very good anti-inflammatory agent and it has a high content of zinc, magnesium, and potassium. This eventually helps in a better functioning of your thyroid gland.

Consume A Lot Of Dairy Products

Dairy Products It is widely known that the dairy products have essential fats as well as the other essential micronutrients that are helpful for the system. Consume a lot of milk products such as cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and coconut milk based products. Go cheesy!

Broccoli And Spinach

Broccoli And Spinach These superfoods are high in iodine. Although, they are not so high that you need to avoid them. But just go easy. Well, too much of anything is good for nothing! Many people out there who suffer from the symptoms and won’t know it. Indeed, it’s easy to confuse the symptoms along with the other conditions. Should there be any unusual symptoms or problem, then immediately seek medical assistance. Do not let your thyroid get zapped! Hypothyroid And The Natural Home Remedies That Work

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