Way To Go With Whey Protein – The Benefits And Guidelines

Whey Protein – Benefits and Guidelines

When you want to create a better version of yourself, there is no place better than a Gym and Kitchen. Even if you think that everything’s going right, at times you may not achieve the desired result you are looking for.

Can you believe that a shake before your workout can do wonders for you? Just a simple addition of whey protein is good enough to improve the quality of your life.

Well, we all know that protein is considered as one of the main building blocks of nutrients in our body that is essential for bone, muscle, skin and the other tissues. Drinking this right shake is just the promising way of consuming health benefits.

Let us assess some of the main benefits of including whey protein powder in the diet so you will be able to get the full picture of what this supplement is all about.

Types of Whey:

It is important to realize the fact that not all form of Whey is created equally, right from the start. There are 4 variations in it

  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) – Protein concentration 90-95%
  • Whey Protein concentrate (WPC) – 29 – 89% of protein concentration
  • Hydrolyzed Whey Protein (HWP) – pre-digested WPI
  • Undenatured Whey Concentrate (UWC) – 25-89% of protein concentration

Health Benefits Of Whey Protein Powder

Strengthens Your Muscle Mass

Strengthens Your Muscle Mass

Always gym alone does not play a role in strengthening your muscle gain. Men who consume whey have greater chances of increase in the fat-free mass and muscle strength. This is achieved more if you consume whey before one hour before or after the workout.

Build Muscle, Lose Fat

Build Muscle, Lose fat

When we decide to shed some fat, our first thought might reduce the calorie intake in the hope to make things right. If you’re consuming whey, then shedding fat should not be a herculean task.

Whey can help you in losing a significant amount of body fat which is 6.1% in total and better preserved their muscles. So, opt for whey protein bar if you have an urge to snack!

Suppress Your Appetite

Suppress Your Appetite

Whey protein can also help you in suppressing your appetite and thus prevents you from a developing a Doug Heffernan like physique.

Consuming whey reduces the amount of production of a hormone – ghrelin that invokes your brain saying that you are hungry. Drinking whey protein makes you lucky enough in order to find a slimmer waistline.

Reduces the Risk of Asthma

Reduces the Risk of Asthma

Whey is not just about fitness! It also has a good impact of health benefits in both adults and children. Whey protein can improve the response of the immune system in children with Asthma.

The researchers proved that children who are suffering from asthma when supplemented with whey protein for just about one month showed the improvised response of cytokine.

Improved Immune

Whey Protein improes Immune

Men who involved in strenuous aerobic activity might affect their nervous and gastrointestinal systems. The impact has been created because of the greater reduction in the levels of glutathione.

So, when you supplement with whey protein there could be lesser chances of glutathione reduction which give us a better immune system.

Cuts Down Cholesterol Levels

Cuts Down Cholesterol Levels

An enormous decrease in the cholesterol levels and LDL cholesterol has been found while taking a specialized whey fraction. This fraction includes bioactive peptides, pro libra, and leucine significantly reduced bad fats and in the significant weight loss.

It also helped in the greater preservation of lean muscles that is not that well preserved when opted for any other protein beverages

Cope With Your Stress

Cope With Your Stress

Experts have found that those who are consuming whey protein are out of mental stress and depression. They seemed to be in a better mood than those who didn’t. This is due to the experience of changes in the brain serotonin post having a whey protein shake.

How Much Can You Take?

Whey protein is a safe supplement relatively but doesn’t take more than 30gms of protein at one sitting. As excessive single doses could overload the liver.

But, the safety of whey protein has been completely well documented in a plenty of scientific studies. However, we have a clear proof, that whey taken consistently, with regular exercise, it will certainly result in a meaningful muscle gain. The recommended levels are

  • Recreational exercisr – 0.5 to 0.7 g/lb
  • Strength training athlete – 0.5 to 0.8 g/lb
  • Endurance exercisr – 0.5 to 0.8 g/lb
  • Calorie restricting athlete – 0.08-0 to 0.9 g/lb

The benefits of this amazing whey protein are augmented by the fact that it is much affordable and has no harmful side effects. You can add whey protein powder to shakes, cereals, smoothies, and main dishes.

Also, whey protein supplements give us the perfect opportunity to make sure our post activity protein metabolism remains in balance.

This high-quality protein source is easily absorbed and it provides all essential amino acids that are required to develop lean body mass and boost muscle protein synthesis.

Don’t urge… When you run so fast and get it there, you may miss half the fun of getting there!

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