Sigmund Freud Theory – Why Should We Know About This?

Sigmund Freud Theory – Why Should We Know About This?

It is known to us Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist, was the founding father of psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is a method for treating mental problems and it explains the behavior of the human. Human beings have a conscious mind and unconscious mind. This unconscious mind is also very important. It plays an important role in our day to day life. Freud has referred many defense mechanisms. These are repression, displacement, sublimation, denial, regression, projection, etc. you should know about defense mechanisms.

Sigmund Freud Theory


Repression is a defense mechanism. In this mechanism, a feeling forces you to the unconscious from the consciousness.


What is Displacement

In Displacement, one can satisfy an aggression with a substitute work. For example, if someone after being insulted by anybody may kick on the floor and may break any piece of object.


It is an expression of anxiety. It is an important unconscious psychological mechanism.


Denial is another defense mechanism. When a person has to face a critical situation he wants to refuse it to experience. It is a refusal to the external reality.


Regression in Detail

One may face this movement when the person has too much stress. It is an early stage of ego.


This unconscious psychological mechanism involves the people in feeling of the other people. When you hate somebody, you can think that that particular person also hates you.

Sigmund Freud Theory – Why Should We Know About This?

Freud has discussed three different structures of the personality, such as ego, superego, and Id, etc.


This is a childish and pleasure based personality without any gratification. The id is an unconscious reservoir of the psychic energy.


Watch your Superego

Superego contains some basic standards like right or wrong and good or bad, etc. it includes the conscious appreciation of rules and regulations.


Ego can be addressed from one’s sense of place and time. It is a moderator between the morals of the superego and the childish personality of the Id and it seeks compromises to both.

 Study of Anna O’s Case

Study of Anna O’s Case

Freud has studied Anna O’s case. Anna O was a patient of hysteria. She had a fear of drinking. Freud described that the symptoms are seen at the time of high conflicts. Freud has advanced the explanation of that particular disease. This study was a revolutionary theory.

Freud’s theory has different stages such as oral stage, anal stage, phallic stage, latent period, genital stage, etc. So Freud’s theory is applicable to all stages of human life. Freud introduced that the nervous problems are the result of regressions. This analysis helps the patient accessing the issues in the unconscious.

Analysis of Dream

Dreams play an important part in our life. From the dream, it can be known how one’s unconscious mind operates. Freud has proposed that the functions of the dream were actually the fulfillment of our wish. He had differentiated the contents of the dreams such as manifest content and the latent content. The manifest of content is what one can remember, and the latent content is what one’s underlying wish is. Freud had also discussed the possibility of the symbols in your dream.

Relevant To Today’s Life

Before the 20th century, no neurological technique was there to study the functions of the brain.  Freud developed the theory of psychology. So, Freud’s theory is precious in neurology and psychology. His theory has the same importance in child development. He discussed the problems of the violence. After the 20th century, Freud’s theory had been refocused. Two of his most important discoveries are- the individual’s thoughts and actions are influenced by his or her awareness and personality are influenced by the childhood experience.

So, Freud’s theory has shown a ray of light to the world of neurology. His theory is the most influential theory for the practice of the psychotherapy. His dream analysis is very precious one where he discussed the importance of unconscious mental activity. His study in the dream he explained how we dream for a reason. The reason of our dreaming is to deal with the unconscious mind which our conscious mind may not deal with. He discussed the unconscious mind from where you can get much important new information. The theory of Sigmund Freud is very relevant in the present day also. This theory contributes a lot in the field of contemporary psychological science.

Sigmund Freud Theory – Why Should We Know About This?

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