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How yoga can improve cognitive and nerve functions

Yoga is a low-impact exercise  with a number of benefits including physical and mental states of the body. According to a recent study, It improves the cognitive functions of the brain and also helps to relieve from memory problems. Yoga balances the mental and emotional levels of the individual and also help the person to […]

Tensions Do Sometimes Give Rise To This Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder which is seen when the thought processes are broken and whether there is a deficit of typical emotion. It is normally seen in the people who have paranoid or have bizarre delusions, and it is very common for social and occupational dysfunction. It is basically seen in young people and […]

Voyeurism: Then and Now

Voyeurism is the sexual interest that one has towards people engaged in intimate behaviours. It can be also defined as the habit of spying on people doing actions that are usually considered to be of a private nature, such as engaging in sexual activity or undressing. In voyeurism, the person who is being observed may […]

How Depression Can Become a Threat to Life

Depression life! Is it a state of mind resulting from our perceived losses and failures in life or is it result of the physiological alteration in the anatomy of our brain due to deteriorating brain function. In a fast paced modernized world of routines, lifestyles, work and domestic pressures, depression is now a common factor […]