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5 Wonderful Benefits Of Wheat Germ Oil For Hair

5 Wonderful Benefits Of Wheat Germ Oil For Hair

What Are Tocotrienols? Tocotrienols are natural nutrients which belong to the vitamin E family group. They play an essential role in many helpful functions of the vitamin, ranging from protecting cell membranes to combating free radicals. Tocotrienols are extracted from oils that are discovered in plants, such as palm oil, palm kernel oil, rice bran […]

How Lycopene Wheat Germ Oil Supplement Gives You Healthy Lifestyle

What is Lycopene Wheat Germ Oil Supplement? The supplement is made of Wheat Germ Oil and Lycopene. The later is mainly found in red vegetables like tomatoes and carrots and it offers many health benefits. While in wheat germ oil, you will get vitamin B6, vitamin B complex folic acid, potassium, phosphorus and you will […]

Top 6 Benefits Of Tocotrienol Wheat Germ Oil Supplement For Our Health

What is Tocotrienol Wheat Germ Oil supplement? Tocotrienol is coming from Red Palm in the concentration of 50% while the oil of wheat germ comes from wheat germ. The oil from the wheat germ  is a natural source of vitamin E and contains vitamin B6, vitamin B and folic acid and when it comes in […]

Top 5 Benefits Of Natural Vitamin E Wheat Germ Oil Supplement, 500mg (60 Capsules)

Wheat Germ is the best source of Vitamin E. One of the best vitamins known to man, Vitamin E is good for your eyes, skin, hair, heart – in short for the entire you! In addition to incorporating wheat germ as part of your diet, you can also opt for Natural Vitamin E Wheat Germ […]

How to Win the Battle Against an Unfit Lifestyle: Wheat Germ!

When you think of breakfast the first thing to cross your mind every day is Cereals. Yes! Almost 90% of the world’s population has cereals as a staple food for breakfast every day. And why not? They are a healthy source of proteins and other nutrients, right? Let’s not be too sure about that. Cereals […]