The Holy Grail of Health : Evening Primrose Oil

The wild American cousin of the English Primrose, Evening Primrose is a beautiful yellow flower which is said to have mystical properties. Not really magical, this plant has many health benefits that can leave you agape with wonder. Scientifically known as Oenothera Biennis, Evening Primrose oil extracted from the seed of the Evening Primrose plant. These seeds contain GLA or Gamma Linolenic Acid and Vitamin E. GLA is one of the “good fats” that our body needs to maintain healthy cells and function properly. Proper amounts of the Evening Primrose oil can help maintain a healthy body from the inside out

What is the Reason Behind the Popularity of Evening Primrose Oil?

People are going ga-ga over the usage of Evening Primrose oil nowadays. While this product is gaining popularity, it does make one wonder about the reason behind all the excitement.


Wondrous Effects on Skin, Hair and Nails:

Rich with the ‘good fats’ and vitamin E, the biggest benefit of ingesting this oil is the positive effects it has on one’s skin. If you are suffering from any kind of rash, eczema, skin irritation or other skin problems, Evening Primrose oil capsules are the best way to counterattack and reverse the signs of skin problems. Usually, skin problems are treated with steroids given by doctors under medical supervision which though treat the problem are known to have some minor side effects too. Evening Primrose oil has been used since centuries ago to treat skin problems without any kind of side effects at all. What’s even better is the fact that you can take a capsule every day to keep any kind of skin problems at bay.

Since Evening Primrose oil is rich in Vitamin E it helps in strengthening the hair follicles and nail cells along with reversing the signs of ageing by maintaining the healthy cells in the body. More than 30 medical studies have proved this fact worldwide that ingesting Evening Primrose capsules every day as supplements are the best way to combat any skin ailments, thus making it an effective skin disease medication.

Relief in Arthritis and Joint Pains:

Evening Primrose oil is rich in GLA which plays an important role in alleviating the effects of rheumatoid arthritis and other joint pains. With age, the muscles in our joints lose their elasticity making them stiff and resulting in arthritis. This often leads to swelling of joints like knee caps, elbows and fingers which can lead to acute pain. Taking one Evening Primrose capsule every day along with a healthy diet can delay the effects of arthritis on one’s body and can also sometimes prevent the situation altogether.

Combat Impotence, Cholesterol and Urinary Tract Infections:

When ingested with Vitamin C, Evening Primrose oil has been known to combat infertility in women and impotence in men. By encouraging blood flow, the oil supplements eliminate bad circulation that leads to bad penile blood flow resulting in impotence. With the use of these supplements for a longer term, the GLA present in the oil reduces the narrowing of the blood vessels thus preventing plaque buildup and reducing the cholesterol. Proper blood circulation also helps in eliminating the bad bacteria that result in urinary tract infections. It is also helpful in relieving stress related to the pre-menstrual syndrome.

Increases the Metabolism:

The best way to lose weight is to increase the metabolism of the body. Evening Primrose oil capsules helps in increasing the metabolism of the body and results in weight loss. When taken daily as a dietary supplement, these capsules help the body benefit overall by increasing the blood circulation, reducing cholesterol, increasing metabolism and reducing skin irritation.

Evening Primrose oil can be found over the counter at any store. Available in the form of a gel, oil and capsules, the best way to ingest it daily is to take it as a capsule supplement. An excellent supplement to diets, skin ailments and inner health, Evening Primrose oil works its magic from the inside-out. Easy to carry in a sealed bottle, the capsules conceal the taste of the oil and help in combating many medical problems. These capsules can also be bought online for further convenience.


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