The Risks of Taking Sleeping Pills

The Risks of Taking Sleeping Pills

Repetitively complaints about poor sleep or insomnia have gradually increased with smart phones technology and pace in lifestyle adding stress. Not only that, depression and heartbreaks are other common reasons for youth for sleepless nights. In case you are highly insomniac, your doctor may recommend you sleeping pills that can give your restful night and make you relax.

Though it is a simple and straight solution to your sleepless nights, pills for good sleep are not always a solution. As confirmed by medical experts, sleeping or sedative pills are well-tolerated and fairly safe. But popping them improperly or untimely can give health related problems for long-term. There are side effects and risks involved with medication which helps you sleep.

are not always a solution. As confirmed by medical experts, sleeping or sedative pills are well-tolerated and fairly safe. But popping them improperly or untimely can give health related problems for long-term. There are side effects and risks involved with medication which helps you sleep.


Risks of Sleeping Pills Are

Breathing problems


Once you are on prescribed medication, it helps to cure your insufficient sleep disorder; and your body will get accustomed slowly with the new sleeping drugs. If you are taking pills for a longer period, you may quickly build tolerance for the pills. Your body would need higher and higher dosage to get better sleep each day. With increased dosage, your breathing would be affected during sleep hours. Depressed or less deep breathing would create a shortage of sufficient oxygen to your body which can result in sudden death. To minimize common sleeping pills side effects related to breathing, it is suggested to limit your pills dosage up to one or two weeks.


Risks of sleeping pills

One of the side effects of sleeping pills includes drowsiness during the daytime. A Certain form of sleeping tablets, which are related to sleep disorder cure, are highly sedative and may keep enough amount of drug in your body till next morning. Zolpidem, also known as Ambien, is one such sleeping drug that reportedly has long-term release form which brings more risk to people consuming it. The extended or much higher dosage of such drugs is not recommended as the effect can be carried over daytime. You may feel drowsy during morning hours which can also affect your working potential. Working people may not feel freshly awaken to perform well during office hours. If you get drowsy while driving is definitely dangerous as it will risk your life.

Sleepwalking and amnesia


Sometimes doctor treats over-anxiety or hypertensions with the help of some type of sleeping pills. Drugs which include Benzodiazepines, like Triazolam, help in good sleep which helps in relaxation of mind and body. But reports also suggest that such sleeping aids develop strange behavior in a patient such as amnesia or walking in sleep. Walking unknowingly in sleep, as a part of side effect of sleeping aid, is risky enough. You may also suffer from temporary loss of memory with overdosage of such pills. You may wake up with unknown state of mind or not even recognize whereabouts of yourself. If you are developing such symptoms because of sleeping drugs, which are risking your health or life, you should report problems with your doctor. Lowered dosage or alternative aid can be helpful in rescuing you from such side effects.Ashwagandha_336X280 (6)

Body imbalance

One of the sleeping pills side effects is not keeping enough balance while standing or walking. With an intake of sleeping drugs, body system which measures the center of gravity is lowered down. This makes you fall instantly after you try to stand or walk from sitting position. These side effects are seen more in aged people as they tend to lose balance easily. This is risky enough as you may injure yourself while falling. Another side effect or risk involved due to the intake of sleeping drugs is shaking of body parts uncontrollably. You may also feel tingling or burning sensation in your hands or feet. Uncontrollable shaking of body parts would make it impossible for you to hold things properly or do any task of your own independently.

Bad digestionDigestive-System-And-Bad-Breath

Issues related to digestion like constipation, diarrhea, gastric troubles, and stomach pain mostly happen with the intake of these drugs. Depending on your body resistance and digestive system, you may develop any of these troubles on popping pills for good sleep. If you already have a hard time in the toilet, constipation is definitely not a good word to hear. If you suffer from diarrhea as one of the side effects, you may lose all energy you have gathered while sleeping last night. Developing a bad or uncertain appetite is another risk involved due to consumption of sleeping aids.

Other issues

Reported other common issues that can cause because of sleeping drugs consumption are a headache, heartburn, loss of hearing, slowing down on alertness, unusual or disturbing dreams and dry throat or mouth, etc. Not all of these issues are dangerous, but prolonged use of pills can put your health to an adverse condition. Some of these side effects are temporary and disappear once your stop using sleeping drugs. Depending on your body tolerance level and mental strength, you may develop any of these symptoms which may gradually risk your health. The type of drug and dosage frequency of pills, made for an insomnia cure, also plays an important role in creating risk factors.

Sleeping pills

There are many side effects of sleeping pills, some temporary and some permanent. While some side effects are really normal, research also suggests that some side effects for a longer period can really risk your health adversely. Consulting your doctor about your sleeping habits, issues related to sleep and then turning on to sleeping drugs only on worst conditions is a lot more safe way. On the development of any of these listed side effects or slightest of change in the body, taking the immediate advice of your doctor is suggested. This would help your doctor learning about your body type and changing to a different sleeping drug which your body can absorb without any risks. Are sleeping pills safe? The more safe and suggested way is to try sleeping without any kind of medication. Try and go early to bed with lights off to create a good atmosphere for you. Deep breathing, hot cup of milk and good soulful music can help you relax in getting sound sleep.

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