Foods That Spike your Insulin Resistance

Foods That Spike your Insulin Resistance

Foods That Causes Insulin Resistance

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You feel hungry, tired, and weight gain. The afternoon blahs are the part of your daily life. You may feel thirstier, or wake up at night in the need to go to the washroom. These symptoms are the sign of insulin resistance which is a precursor to diabetes as well as other major health problems.

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin is a hormone that lubricates the transport of glucose from the bloodstream to cells throughout your body for use as fuel. So, in response to the normal increase in your glucose after a meal, the pancreas secretes insulin into your bloodstream. Along with the insulin resistance, even the normal amount of insulin secreted will not be sufficient to move glucose into the cells.

Insulin Resistance

Therefore, the cells are said to be RESISTANT to the insulin action. In order to compensate, the pancreas secretes insulin in the ever-increasing amounts for maintaining a fairly adequate blood-sugar movement into your cells a normal your blood-sugar level.

No matter whether you are just concerned about maintaining healthy blood sugar levels or have diabetes and measure your blood sugar levels daily. It is important to be aware of these unexpected factors which can spike your normal blood sugar and cause insulin resistance.

White Bread

White Bread

Really! Who would think this everyday staple can add the risk of diabetes? The issue is that your body quickly digests the products made with refined flour like white bread. This quick digestion can cause your glucose, that is blood sugar to rise. Also, the researchers have found that people who eat fewer refined grains which are including white bread and whole grains have less of the type of body fat which can trigger heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes.

A High-Fat Meal

A high Fat Meal

People who are with diabetes might worry about the carb contents of their meals. but However, a recent research suggests that the fat content can affect their blood sugar too. The high levels of fat in the blood affect your body’s ability to clear the excess sugar from the blood.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweetener

Well, they have to be better for your blood sugar than sugar, right? But the artificial sweeteners are a negative toll. It increases your blood sugar levels compared to plain water or even water with sugar! The long-term users of artificial sweeteners are more likely to have higher pacing blood sugar levels. By no means, the sugary beverages are healthier. People who drink artificially sweetened beverages often should stop taking and turn towards a healthy diet.

Red Meat

Red Meat

Alright! Hold it right there! You don’t have to cut red meat from your diet completely, but eating lots of red meat as well as processed meats such as frozen meats and cold cuts, all high in saturated fat, can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes. People who ate processed meat such as a hot dog or sausage once a day is more than double risk for diabetes. However, you can easily lower your diabetes risk by substituting one serving of red meat with the healthier sources of protein like nuts or low-fat dairy products.

Fast Food

Fast food is really, really tempting. Especially, when you are hungry and are in a hurry. There we usually pause the fact that, most of the fast foods are high in calories, fat, and salt. All these factors can increase your risk for type 2 diabetes. Moreover, they reduce your chances of weight-loss success as well as send your blood sugar soaring.

Fast Food

In fact, consuming a fatty fast-food meal will spike is one of the major causes of insulin resistance and spike your blood sugar levels by 32 % in healthy people even who don’t have diabetes. In addition to that, salty fast-food can increase your blood pressure and this is completely dangerous for people with diabetes. As a result, they might be at two to four times risk to have heart disease than those without diabetes.

Packaged Foods

Hungry? Do not grab a packet of chips or any commercially-prepared baked foods! They should go on your foods-to-avoid list if you want to avoid developing diabetes.

Packaged Foods

  • First of all, these foods make it harder for you to achieve if you are in your weight-loss goals.
  • Secondly, they tend to be high in trans fats that raise the bad cholesterol as well as lower the good cholesterol in your blood. This can cause inflammation, insulin resistance that may lead to diabetes.

Even consuming a few trans fats can give you harmful health effects. So, it is better to choose wholesome snacks such as a handful of almonds rather than butter.

Most of the people will have no idea that they have insulin resistance until it develops into type 2 diabetes. But if you think that you’re at risk for prediabetes or diabetes, the immediately ask your doctor to test for it. And if you discover your insulin resistance at an early stage, you can make some important changes to reduce your risk for diabetes as well as the serious health complications that can additionally come with it. Don’t forget to consult your dietitian before changing your diet or else your exercise routine. They’ll create an exercise regimen and a healthy meal plan that best suits your needs!

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