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What Is The Difference Between LDL And VLDL?

What Is The Difference Between LDL And VLDL?

Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) are two different types of lipoproteins found in your blood. Lipoproteins are a combination of proteins and different types of fats. They carry cholesterol and triglycerides through the bloodstream. Cholesterol is a fatty substance which is important for building cells. In your body, it is most commonly created […]

How Much Salt Is Enough Salt?

How Much Salt?

Salt is the basic need for taste in all foods be it from any part of the world. Apart from being just that, salt, which is basically sodium, is found in almost all that you eat and drink to provide you with the nutrients.  It happens normally in many diets that salt is added to […]

Foods That Spike your Insulin Resistance

Foods That Spike your Insulin Resistance

Foods That Causes Insulin Resistance This article has been written at the request of Mr.Varun Sharma You feel hungry, tired, and weight gain. The afternoon blahs are the part of your daily life. You may feel thirstier, or wake up at night in the need to go to the washroom. These symptoms are the sign […]

Junk food promotes laziness – How?

Junk food promotes laziness - How?

It’s sort of which comes first – chicken or egg. Have you ever felt like a sloth after eating an entire large pack of fries or chips? Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever felt like they are rewiring your brain? Still, there is a doubt that we have to clarify, eating junk food […]

How does smoking affect your cardiac health

‘Smoking causes cancer, smoking kills’ – You probably might have noticed this saying so many times.  So it’s pretty sure that you might know that smoking is bad, it also causes breathing problems along with cancer. But do you have any idea that smoking also makes you more likely to have a terrible issue – […]

Aerobics – More Of Fun With Fitness


Aerobic exercise is a special type of physical activity which makes you sweat and causes you to breathe harder which increases the consumption of oxygen. these exercises are rhythmic in nature and can be done continuously for at least 10 minutes. The intensity of Aerobic exercises range from light to moderate and can be adjusted […]

What Is Atrial Fibrillation And Know The Effective Way To Prevent This Disorder?

When your loved one is suffering from some heartache, you immediately get nervous with the thought that it might be a heart attack. But, people being aware of some medical knowledge may note some aspect that will lead them to understand that not all heartaches are concluded as heart attacks. This may be called Atrial […]

How Adopting For Simple Life Style Changes Can Prevent You From Heart Diseases?

How Adopting For Simple Life Style Changes Can Prevent You From Heart Diseases?

Heart disease is a major menace to the society, and there are many guidelines from the doctors for you to avoid them. You might be taking the suggestions of the doctor for the issues and going through them to make yourself safe and secured. However, the majority of the heart attack is the cause of […]