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Hyperglycemia – The High Blood Sugar Danger

What is Hyperglycemia

Glucose is the main energy-generating source for our body. All the fruit, milk, potatoes, bread, pizzas, salads, ice cream and even the soups that you have, contain glucose in the form of carbohydrates and fat. The metabolism of the body breaks down these complex compounds into glucose to provide energy for the body. The body […]

Foods That Spike your Insulin Resistance

Foods That Spike your Insulin Resistance

Foods That Causes Insulin Resistance This article has been written at the request of Mr.Varun Sharma You feel hungry, tired, and weight gain. The afternoon blahs are the part of your daily life. You may feel thirstier, or wake up at night in the need to go to the washroom. These symptoms are the sign […]

Add Balanced And Nutritious Supplements In Your Weight Diet To Avoid Side Effects

Add balanced and nutritious supplements in your weight diet to avoid side effects.

You are already following an antioxidant-rich, low-fat dietary plan, in your bid to control weight. You can make up for the nutrient shortfalls by having a vitamin or mineral-based supplement. The purpose is to supplement the diet that you are taking and thus make up for the issues of deficiency. In this context, it is […]

Here are the answers to your how and why questions on green tea and weight loss

Laboratory studies demonstrate weight loss that has been caused by the consumption of green tea. Researchers undertook a survey of nine different individuals for highlighting the effect of green tea. The response has been found to be positive in most of the cases because the individuals under the scanner reported fall in body weight. It […]