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What are the diseases and side effects that Tobacco can cause

What are the diseases and side effects that Tobacco can cause

Tobacco is a plant. Its leaves are smoked, chewed, or sniffed for a variety of effects. Tobacco generally contains the chemical called nicotine, which is an addictive substance. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7000 chemicals, 69 of which are known to mainly cause cancer. Health effects of tobacco are the effects that use of tobacco […]

Home remedies to get rid of tobacco

Home remedies to get rid of tobacco

It is a really difficult task to quit tobacco i.e. smoking especially if a person has been addicted to tobacco for some time. You might have made a number of resolutions in order to quit tobacco, but have you succeeded in giving up this habit? Taking tobacco is an awful habit one can ever have […]

Here Are The Foods That Helps You Quit Smoking

Here are the foods that helps you quit smoking

Foods To Quit Smoking Any smoker worth his salt almost would have tried to quit again and again, of course, without any luck. No one can deny the fact that it is a daunting task as most of the people would have gone back to their old habits because there, the ‘thirst’ wins over. But […]

These Habits And Foods Can Help You Prevent Cancer

Habits And Foods To Prevent Cancer Too often, we all feel a great Cloud of Confusion while engulfing even the simplest questions about nutrition.You may have heard the conflicting reports about cancer prevention. In many cases, what’s known about cancer prevention is evolving still. However, it is well accepted that your chances of developing cancer […]

How Smoking Can Stop Your Heart From Ruling?

How Smoking Can Stop Your Heart From Ruling?

Smoking And Your Heart Health Most of the people know that cigarette and tobacco smoking increases the risk of breathing problems and lung cancer. But only a few realize that it also greatly increases the risk of heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, and abdominal aortic aneurysm. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied the effects […]

The Truth Behind E-cigarettes Will Certainly Not Please You

The truth behind E-cigarettes will certainly not please you

There is a good chance that you have seen people smoking ‘e-cigarettes.’ They will be inhaling from a sort of cigarette-shaped devices, and then puffing out clouds of the odorless fog. E-cigarettes, in other words, e-cigs or else electronic nicotine delivery systems, are on the market for at least about a decade and they are […]

How does smoking affect your cardiac health

‘Smoking causes cancer, smoking kills’ – You probably might have noticed this saying so many times.  So it’s pretty sure that you might know that smoking is bad, it also causes breathing problems along with cancer. But do you have any idea that smoking also makes you more likely to have a terrible issue – […]

Habits That Causes Brain Cancer. Read More to Know

In recent days, many people are suffering from the deadly brain cancer. All of you know that the brain cancer leads the patient to death. It is too much pathetic that many children are facing the same problem. If you want to lower the risk of the brain cancer, you should avoid some habits which […]

The Causes Of Liver Cancer You Must Know

liver cancer

The liver is an important functioning organ of your body. It is responsible for filtering blood and converting the nutrients in them for energy. They are also the main platform for reducing toxins and other chemical wastes from your body. Being the most important, it is also susceptible to cancer cells as the blood is […]