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Here Are The Physical Activity Guidelines For The Elderly People

Here Are The Physical Activity Guidelines For The Elderly People

Physical Activity Guidelines For The Elderly People How much physical activity do older adults aged 60 and over should to do to keep them healthy? The amount of exercise you need to do each week depends on your level of health and age. In order to stay healthy or to your improve health, as an […]

5 Easy Exercises To Reduce Weight While Watching TV

5 ways to reduce weight while watching TV

We didn’t fail to become a society of statues and we are running towards it quicker. Too much of watching TV can make us fat, we know that. Yet, we love it! There are plenty of reasons for it such as no time, excessive work, white collar job – they had changed our way of […]

Aerobics – More Of Fun With Fitness


Aerobic exercise is a special type of physical activity which makes you sweat and causes you to breathe harder which increases the consumption of oxygen. these exercises are rhythmic in nature and can be done continuously for at least 10 minutes. The intensity of Aerobic exercises range from light to moderate and can be adjusted […]

Aerobics Is Equal To A Disease Free Life. Read More to Know How

The meaning of aerobics is “with oxygen”. Any exercise which stimulates your breathing and the heart rate to increase in a manner that you can sustain the particular activity for a few minute. The aerobic exercise includes the activity such as swimming, walking, dancing, climbing steps, kick-boxing, biking etc. if these activities are performed in […]

Best Aerobic Workouts For Weight Loss

Are your worried about your jutting belly that prevents you from wearing body hugging dresses? Do you feel embarrassed because of the tummy size that you have grown lately? There is nothing to worry about it so much. You can get rid of this embarrassing body shapes if you do some aerobic exercises at home. […]