Simple Stress Relief Techniques

Simple Stress Relief Techniques

Do you often remain stressed and this very fact is troubling you from inside?

You need a complete relaxation and free yourself from the material world.

Here in this article, you will find different how to reduce stress regarding stress relief techniques.

What Are The Different Simple Stress Relief Techniques?


Perhaps no other technique is as effective in reducing stress and tension as that of meditation. A few days practice can help you ease our stress and anxieties.

Studies show that meditation if continued for a long time, can alter the neural pathways of your brain thus making you more pliant to anxiety and stress.

It is very simple. Just sit in a relaxed posture with both the eyes closed.

Now focus on something positive and let you not be affected by any kind of distractions. Practice it for a few days and it will become a habit.


Listen To Music

Music is a great healer. It can heal pains and relieve anxieties. Listening to soft music has an excellent impact in the soothing of your nerves thus relieving the stress and tension.

It also lowers your blood pressure levels and reduces the production of stress hormones named Cortisol.

Listen To Music

Talk To Your Own Self

If you find yourself battling with your chaotic inner mind due to excessive stress, then the best way to relieve stress is to talk to your own self. Ask yourself the reasons behind your frustrations and tensions.

Assure yourself that everything will fall into their right places and that everything will be alright.

Call A Friend Or Relative Whom You Trust

A reassuring tone from your loved ones makes almost all your tensions disappear in just a minutes’ notice. You can share your pain with them, and that gives a feel-good relief to you.

Call A Friend

Laugh Your Heart Out

Among the simple stress relief tips laughing your heart out is yet another technique to help ease out your frustrations.

Laughing releases endorphins that keep you happy by lowering the level of stress hormones called adrenaline and cortisol.

So never miss out a chance to laugh out loud whenever you feel like laughing. Watch comedies and roll down laughing as if nobody is watching you going insane.

Laugh Your Heart Out


You don’t exactly need to hit the gym to reduce the stress levels. Just do a simple stretching or go for a walk along the meadows if there is one around.

It will keep your blood circulations perfect and thereby release endorphins that can help mend your mood right away.


Eat A Balanced Diet

Do not skip meals just because you are stressed out. Eat a lot of fruits and green vegetables to remain calm and composed during stressful days.

Fish containing omega 3s fatty acids work effectively to reduce the stress hormones.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Drink Green Tea

Try out green tea instead of tea or coffee. Green tea because of its high antioxidant contents and thiamine creates a soothing effect on your nerves.

Drink Green Tea

Get A Sound Sleep

When you are too tired and stressed out, good sleep can relieve you of the anxieties and stresses.

Getting adequate sleep of seven to eight hours is very important for everyone. Lack of adequate sleep also adds to your stress levels.

Get A Sound SleepYoga

Yoga answers your tips to reduce tension and stress. Besides improving your strength, stamina, and balance, it helps in lowering the levels of anxiety and frustration.

It teaches you how to stay happy whatever the situations are.Deep breathing along with practicing the different yoga asana can help you get out of those stressful situations.



Do you often feel pain on your forehead, and your whole body starts aching when you are stressed out?

To get rid of this try a decompress with a warm heat bag or preferably a hot water bag and place it on your forehead and in other places where you feel the ache. It relaxes your nerves and gives you a feel-good factor.


Chart Out The Positive Things In Your Life

This is yet another technique to relieve stress. Take a piece of paper and jot down all the beautiful things that had happened in your life so far. Do not recall any bad memories.

Chart down all the good experiences of your life and write down all the achievements that you have got so far. It will certainly bring back the smile on your face.

Smile To Yourself


This may sound a little crazy but believe me, it works. Stand in front of the mirror and greet yourself with a wide smile on your face. This will certainly give you a feel-good factor.

These are some techniques that can teach you how to reduce stress and how to reduce tension. Try these techniques and live life to its fullest.

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