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How Has Core Stability Training Brought A New Revolution In Physical Fitness?

core stability training

The fitness world is constantly coming up with new techniques and regimens to help you sculpt your body, just the way you want in it and in the process of doing so, helping it gain strength and posture. Sadly, not all exercises are able to achieve these pre-set goals, which leads one to getting only […]

How Has Self-Determination Theory Helped People Overcome Depression?

overcome depression

According to the latest research, the self-determination theory is doing a lot more than anticipated to help people battle their worst fears and move forward in different sectors of their lives. The theory is based on increasing inner confidence amongst individuals to overcome depression. Before we get to learn the different ways that self-determination has […]

#DrinkItUp: How Noni Juice is the Powerhouse of Immunity Booster & Weight Loss!

Wondering how raw and ripened produce can be utilised globally to create a popular packaged bottled beverage? Well, that’s Noni juice for us! It is a health drink that contains predominantly noni fruit residues. Drinking a small glass has many health benefits of noni juice  – including slowing down skin ageing, detoxifying the body, and […]

#HerHealthMatters: A 360 Degree Perspective on Why Multivitamins for Women are Essential for Overall Development

“One out of three people in developing countries are affected by vitamin and mineral deficiencies and therefore more subject to infection, birth defects and impaired physical and psycho-intellectual development.” (WHO 2006). We do not require any supplements; our food would provide us with all the vitamins and minerals. But do we live in an ideal […]

How To Prevent Your Eardrum From Getting Ruptured?

How To Prevent Your Eardrum From Getting Ruptured

The eardrum, medically known as the tympanic membrane is a tissue which, on receiving sound waves, vibrates and responds to it. It is the thin tissue that works as a divider between the ear canal and middle ear. When we say the eardrum is ruptured, it means the tissue is torn, and this tear is […]

Is There A Connection Between Fat Shaming And Anxiety Disorder?

Is There A Connection Between Fat Shaming And Anxiety Disorder

Some people believe that making overweight people feel ashamed of their weight or eating habits may motivate them to get healthier. Nevertheless, scientific evidence confirms that nothing good happens with this kind of behaviour. Instead of motivating them, fat-shaming makes them feel terrible about themselves. Thereby, causing them to eat more and gain more weight. […]

A Beginner’s Guide To A Plant-Based Diet

A Beginner’s Guide To A Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based or plant-forward eating patterns focus on foods that are primarily from plants. This includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, oils, seeds, legumes, whole grains, and beans. It does not mean that you are a vegetarian or a vegan and never eat meat or dairy.  What Can You Eat On A Plant-Based […]

Cold And Flu – What To Eat Around And During Flu

Cold And Flu

Winter is known to be one of the coziest and comfortable seasons until you fall sick! The season for flu and cold is here and there are many ways you can protect and treat yourself naturally with the foods that you opt-in your diet this winter. Especially for kids, it is important to make them […]

Burning The Holiday Fat!

Burning The Holiday Fat!

Standing in front of the mirror and holding the belly fat that was fed with sweets and scrumptious cuisine may not seem to be an appetizing site especially when you’ve been breaking a sweat at the gym to look glamorous in your holiday pictures. Kudos to you! You’ve managed to click some quirky pictures that […]

What Is Delusion – Symptoms, Causes And Diagnosis

What Is Delusion - Symptoms, Causes And Diagnosis

Delusional disorder, previously known as the paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness, also known as psychotic disorder. A person with the delusional disorder will not be able to differentiate between what’s real and what they are imagining. As the name suggests, delusions are the major symptoms of this disorder. They are very […]