A Handful Of Peanuts Can Help You Get Back In Shape

The moment you gain weight you decide to cut down on your food intake. This is a wrong method to follow, cutting down on food consumption will only lead you to become weak and sick. Instead, you must opt to include those food items in your diet plan that can help you to burn your calories quickly. The most important thing that you must consume on a daily basis to get back in shape is a handful of peanuts. Reading this line you might think Are peanuts healthy and will they do any good to your body? The content below will answer your query.

Given below is a list of reasons that will help you understand why are peanuts good for you:

As A Reducer Of Heart Risks

Are peanuts healthy

More than 70% of the world’s population is at the risk of getting heart diseases. Heart diseases take place when the cholesterol content of the body increases. Peanuts contain oleic acid and monounsaturated fat which are considered to be elements that can control cholesterol level in a human body. Thus, a daily intake of a handful of peanuts will keep your cholesterol level under control, and this will save you from bloating up or getting prone to any heart disease.

As A Preventer Of Cancer


Cancer is one of those ailments that either instigates a person to eat more or stops a person from feeling hungry at all. Since peanuts contain a high concentration of beta-sitosterol, an element that inhibits the development of tumor, consuming the food will not only save you from the risk of colon cancer but will also help you to maintain your appetite so that you remain in shape.

As An Energy Booster

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Peanuts comprise of proteins that are known to energize people. A handful of peanuts will bring about ample amount of energy in you which in turn will instigate you to exercise and work as much as possible. The more your work, the more you are going to sweat, and this will help you to remain in shape.

As A Natural Enemy To Depression

As A Natural Enemy To Depression

Depression again is something that affects your mood. Approximately 80% of the people that are under depression eat more than their stomach can take. This leads to an untimely weight gain in them. However, what is important for you to know is depression is mostly caused due to lack of the presence of serotonin in the brain. Peanuts comprise of tryptophan that encourages the release of serotonin. This element fights depression which in turn prevents you from overeating to help you remain in shape.

As A Boon For Pregnant Ladies

Peanuts are Boon For Pregnant Ladies

During pregnancy, women are generally confused about what they should eat. Most pregnant ladies begin craving for food items that can increase the glucose content in their body and damage their immune system. Studies show that peanuts are one of those nuts that comprise of vital nutrients, and a handful consumption of the same can strengthen the immunity level of an expectant mother. When your immunity level is stable, you will be able to work more, and this will help you to maintain your figure.

As A Toxin Eliminator

As A Toxin Eliminator

Peanuts contain fiber that filters your kidney by flushing out the harmful toxins present in the same. This method also flushes out the extra fat and only allows essential nutrients to remain in your body so that your health is maintained.

As An Inhibitor Of Gallstones

As An Inhibitor Of Gallstones

Internal stomach problems like gallstones are likely to cause cramps in you, and this prevents you from eating food. Research shows that intake of a handful of peanuts every day can inhibit the development of gallstone and promote hunger in you so that you can eat food and get back in shape within a few months.

As A Appetite Controller

As A Appetite Controller

Since peanuts consist of fiber, their consumption is likely to make you feel full, and this will help you to have a lesser quantity of food than you normally do. Also, since peanuts are an excellent source of energy, they will increase your metabolism rate so that you can lose weight fast.

Now that you know that with peanuts health is something you can get, the next time you see a shop selling peanuts, go ahead and grab a packet for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “A Handful Of Peanuts Can Help You Get Back In Shape

  1. Navin Kumar says:

    I am impressed. Sure enough, peanuts are good for us in a variety of ways. But, please tell us how much of peanuts one should take on daily/ weekly basis? And in what form?

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi navin one can take 15gm peanuts on the daily basis except high cholesterol patients and you can have it raw or in chutney format

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